Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lots of Photo Stuff!

First, if you look at my sidebar on the right of your screen you will see a couple of buttons that could be very useful to you (oh, and me)! The first is Seim Effects! Gavin is a wonderful photographer and he creates wonderful Light Room Presets and Actions for Photoshop! Check out his site and see all the goodies that you could purchase (he even has freebies) to aid in your photo editing!

The other button that could be quite useful is the button! As the name says, you can rent lenses and camera bodies and flashes and all sorts of cool stuff! It is super great because you can try it before you drop a bundle of cash on something you may or may not like! They also sell off their used equipment for a good price so you might be able to get a good deal on something you have had your eye on for a while!

Yes, I am plugging these sights because if you place an order by clicking through on my blog, I earn some cash! Not much cash for either program but it could eventually help me get the Nikon D700 body that I am yearning for! I hope to have saved enough by May 31, 2010 (my Birthday) to purchase my next camera! When shooting weddings, you really do need two bodies in case one decides to fail so I am going to purchase my backup! Well, actually the current camera will become the backup, but I digress!

Anyway, here is another useful tip! Say you don't have a tripod and you find yourself in need of one don't fret cause I have a solution! MAKE ONE! OK, it's not really a tripod but it works and it is highly portable and costs next to nothing to make! All you need is some fabric (any old scrap you have laying around will work) and some rice (uncooked)! Ha! Sew your fabric into a square and fill it with the rice (not too full cause you need some wiggle room I would say about 3/4 full would be fine) and viola' you are ready!

This works because you can use the top or hood of your car or any stable platform to put the rice bag tripod on and then you set your camera on the bag with your lens aimed at what you are shooting! Now you can use your camera remote or self timer! It really is easy to use since the rice bag conforms to your camera body and stabilizes it for low light situations or times when you want to be in a photo (for a change)! It also works great when you put your camera down so there is no weight on the lens! I don't put my camera in a bag unless I am transporting it because I am always grabbing it to take photos!

Here is a photo of mine! It was made from material left over from the Diva's Halloween costume! Don't laugh, it works!


Jenera said...

That is a great tip for the rice tripod. There have been times while on the road I could have really used something of that nature.


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