Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wrapping Up the Year!

It has been a crazy year, to say the least, with lots of Diva milestones (potty training, 1st airplane trip) and the Moody Teen getting his first job! My photography business has grown 250% and I look for it to grow more in 2010! There have been bumps in the road that I was not sure we could overcome but by the grace of God, we got through!

I am sure that there are tons of resolutions I should be making for the new year but I am never very good at keeping them so I don't make them usually! This year, however, is different in that I am taking a cue from blogger buddy Liss (who I hope to visit in Australia some day) and choosing a word to live by in the new year! There are tons of great words to chose from: determination, strength, love, grace, forgiveness and the list goes on!

The word I chose is FAITH! Faith stirs such strong emotions because too few people have enough of it! Sure we all have faith in the good times but when things get a little tough it goes right on out the window and we start to rely on ourselves and the things of this earth to get us through when all we need it a little (or a lot) more faith!

I have faith that my marriage will become stronger in the year 2010! We will have been together for so long that we need a refresher on falling in love again! We have begun the process but I have faith that 2010 will make it even better!

I have faith that our businesses (the Knight has his own too) will continue to grow and support our family!

I have faith that we will all get healthy this year! The whole family is going to participate and encourage each other! I want the Diva to see an active healthy group of adults in her family!

I have faith that I will be able to teach the Moody Teen to drive a stick shift and he will be able to drive his new (to him) truck! I also have faith that he will make good choices when he is away from us! (No I did not take the photo, the Knight did)

Most of all, I have faith that God is not finished with me yet and for that I am so thankful!! What will your word be for the new year?



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