Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dreary Day.

We are not getting snow but instead it is rain that is falling today making everything seem so gloomy. Sadie slept until 9 AM and that makes it harder for me to get up and get in gear!

I am hoping that the rain will stop long enough for me to go out and take some pictures to further test the capabilities of my new camera. So far I am pretty impressed with the D60 but I am anxiously awaiting the drop of the newest Nikon lens, which should hit stores later this week (just in time for my anniversary on the 11th). I am also seriously thinking about renting some lenses from Borrowlenses.com because then I could try them out before I go spend a lot of money on something that I really do not need for my business. Seriously you can rent lenses, camera bodies, tripods, flashes and lots of other stuff! It really makes sense especially if you only need the lends for one or two events. You can rent lenses for as little as 3 days if you are in the local area or up to 4 weeks with prices as low as $15 up to $184 plus. Since lenses can cost from $199 to infinity, I think I will try this option first!


I am Harriet said...

YES! It works! Woohoo.
Hey, I'm glad it's rain and not frozen anything.
Enjoy your lens :)

Lin said...

Yea! I'm glad you got your comments fixed, I was sad not to let you know I stopped in.

Enjoy that camera--I LOVE mine. I'm asking Santa for some accessories--like a tripod because I find myself expanding in photography. I hope to afford Photoshop at some point.....

Soulsearcher said...

Can you rent cameras too? I'm thinking of buying a new one, but have no idea what I want. I am strictly amateur...any suggestions?

Lin said...

Hey, Diane--you can check mine out sometime--it's a Nikon D60 like Jo's. LOVE IT LOTS! Bev liked it and wanted to get that or one up from there--I think the D90.


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