Monday, February 23, 2009

Another Manic Monday!!



Why is it that I am always more exhausted on Monday morning than any other day of the week? Is it the prospect of everything that there is to do in the coming week or is it that I do not take the time to rest on the weekend? It could very well be a mixture of both!!

I know that I try to cram to much stuff into the weekend because it is the only time that we are all home as a family and there is much to do! That coupled with the fact that Saturday is my shopping day and Sunday is full of church activities and then afternoon laundry and homework and cleaning that has been neglected!

So today I thought I would really play with some of the actions in my photo editing program which turned out to be very therapeutic for me because it is something that I enjoy almost as much as taking the photo itself. Editing allows me to be more creative with whatever the subject of my latest shoot might be.

Since it is Manic Monday, I thought my junk drawer would be the perfect subject for a photo which naturally led into the other photo which is my newest fav from Bath and Body called Optimism which is something we can all use when looking into the junk drawer of life!

Happy Manic Monday to you all and remember Thursday I will reveal the rest of the photos from Sadie's two year shoot!


Tammy said...

I agree with just being so tired when Monday comes along. You would think we would be refreshed and really for a new week.

Lin said...

Damn! I thought that bottle of Optimism was a cocktail!! Hee! Hee! (Guess who was boozin' it up this past week in Florida?) :)
Maybe they should make a drink like that!

Missed your blog dearly!

Anonymous said...

You need to tell us what scent that Optimism is!!! I'm intrigued now!

Unknown said...

What a Monday, huh? Thanks for stopping by my pity party today. I am so glad it wasn't me! Thanks for following me. I also am following you.


Grace said...

Hi Jo, since I seen the widget that says you are a top dropper, it prompt me to ask about my problem as an EC dropper. I hope you can enlighten me. I have been looking for an answer, even contact EC, but no replies.
"Why is it I can't drop as much as I want? For example, this morning, after 13 drops, I can't no longer drop. And there are days that I can't find a blog with "drop" they are all "get one". :(

Unknown said...

Those are fabulous - true artwork. I am so ashamed of my photos after I see yours... maybe I should rent some better equipment to see if I'd be a better photographer. LOL... If my pictures are still subpar then I can't blame the camera any longer. :)


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