Monday, February 16, 2009

Papa's Hands

I got an email the other day from my Aunt Pat the was entitled "Grandma's Hands" and the author had taken a generational hand photo that was treasured by her family because it was taken just before great grandma passed away! I loved this idea because I am intrigued by photos of hands and feet, especially those that tell a story! The hands in the photo belong to my husband Spencer, our son Zach, Spencer's Dad Larry and our daughter Sadie! I am so in love with this photo that it will soon be framed and hanging in a place of honor in our home!

Let me share with you a little about Papa's hands: They are rough from years of gardening and working with wood but are gentle enough to hold his precious grandchildren. They have hammered nails and worked on cars. They have taught the next generation how to use tools to build things like bird houses and rat houses and boxes to hold treasures. Let's not forget the bug boxes used to catch and house fireflies and crickets and caterpillars.

They have held a paintbrush and steered the tractor. They have cultivated the earth and planted seeds to grow many wonderful things like flowers and tomatoes and apple gourds (lots of apple gourds). They have been used to help a neighbor or family member in need and they have never let him down!

They have wiped away tears of happiness and they have wiped away tears of sorrow. His hands are worn and tired but they have served him well. Papa's hands are loving hands that he has shared with his grandchildren and those are wonderful memories that no one can take away from them! Papa's hands are a legacy of love to be remembered and cherished always.

This is the story behind the photo! These words are mine and they are what I think about when I think about Papa's hands. Remember that 50 years from now, no one will care how we looked in a photo! The photo itself is important because it is a piece of history, a reminder of what was and where we come from. It is proof that, for a short time, we were here and that we leave behind a legacy. What will your legacy say about you?


~Jamie said...

Awesome. I have done feet many times but never hands. Thanks for the new project! Also, I get to purchase A big girl camera this week, any suggestions! No more point and shoot for this momma!

Lin said...

Very cool, Jo! Always creative, aren't you? :)

Unknown said...

That is just awesome!

Chemi said...

so touching and and inspiring.

Unknown said...

That's a wonderful photo and an excellent idea!


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