Friday, February 27, 2009

Just Plain Tired!

OK, I'll admit it, I AM NOT SUPERMOM! There, I said it, that feels better!
Yesterday was great for Sadie! Thank you for all the birthday wishes! She had the perfect princess day! She got a Cabbage Patch Doll, Leap Frog game, Color Magic Markers and paper, big girl underwear, Abby in Wonderland DVD and (what she wanted most of all) a tricycle with a Barbie helmet! She was so excited! And then...........

The inevitable happened, suddenly and without any advanced notice.........THE TERRIBLE TWO'S struck with a vengeance! It was swift and fierce and possessed the body of my adorable toddler causing her to throw a tantrum like I have never seen her throw! She threw things, turned all shades of red, jumped in the air landing on her bootie and then rolled on the floor, all while making the most horrible screaming sound a parent can imagine!

WHAT? Where is my sweet girl? Is she gone forever? WOW! I knew the terrible two's were on the way but who know that they put the stuff that causes them into their second birthday cake? No one also told me that it takes effect immediately!

Boy am I exhausted and the weekend is here again with the promise of more excitement because Zach has the Military Ball tomorrow night followed on Sunday by the Senior Ball! No it is not for seniors in high school, it is for the seniors in the community! They get to come to the high school and dance and eat cake and drink punch while the JROTC kids are there to serve them. The kids also get the benefit of their wisdom because the kids get to sit and chat or dance with them also! It is a big hit every year!

So today for me will be a bill paying, resting and recovery day so I can hit the floor running tomorrow! Have a great weekend and look for more pictures and interesting happenings tomorrow! BTW, you can now click on the picks to make them larger!


Diana of Diana Rambles said...

Welcome to the 2s!

Lin said...

At first I couldn't tell if she was laughing or crying on the floor! Oh NO! Not crying!! Poor thing. Must have been fried from all of those lovely presents. But, you know, there are time when I feel like doing the same thing--life is just plain hard to take some days. So, I don't blame her, actually I like her "doing her own thing"!

Welcome to "2", Sadie!

Unknown said...

Welcome to the 2's Mommy and Sadie!!

Lin said...

Now, I'm thinking--you are sooo like me: The kid's melting down and you're taking photos!! Hee! Hee! Oh well, it's a good shot for the future boyfriends to view.


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