Friday, February 6, 2009

The Vanity of Men

I have decided that men can be so much more vain than women, at least MY MAN is! A couple of nights ago he announces to me that he has a giant zit forming on the end of his nose which, coincidentally, is not small. When he gets a zit on the end, it just emphasizes what he lovingly calls his beak.

At bedtime he asks me if I have anything that he can put on it to make it smaller or less red or just to go away. I have nothing but my Mary Kay Clarifying Mask so I tell him to put the mask on the zit only and sleep with it on all night and then wash it off in the morning. He complies and we tumble into bed exhausted from life's events.

The next morning he gets up and the zit is still ever present on his beak and he has just minutes to get out the door and head to class. I am going about my business getting ready for the day and cleaning up Sadie's breakfast dishes when I walk by the bathroom on my way to the kitchen to discover my husband rubbing something on his ginormous zit. I look in and see that he has my Mary Kay Foundation tube in his hand! By this time, I can no longer contain my laughter! Bruised ego in check, he says that it was really bothering him and he needed to do something. I play along and grab my Mary Kay Concealer in jaundice because we all know that yellow will mellow the redness!

I guess I need to stock up on some "manscaping" products for dear hubby! It is kind of funny to think that my manly man who ride motorcycles, drives race cars and likes to get dirty has a diva hiding deep down in that macho exterior!
This photo was taken on my cell phone last summer right before Spencer went out in his winged sprint car for time trials.


Lin said...

Oh that's FUNNY! And I'm sure he really appreciates that you've just announced his "beauty" habits to the world! But my guys are the same--running to me to solve those beauty dilemmas. Maybe you can make a fortune selling Man Make-up! You know they use it. Maybe delivery in a discreet brown wrapper?! Ha! Ha!

~Jamie said...

So funny! My hubby is the same way. When we first started dating I used to make him get manicures with me when my "other" girls friends were busy! My spa lady used to ask for Russ by name, I'm pretty sure she didn't know mine!

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, too... funny. It's funny that a manly man like your hubby would try and hide his pimple. LOL! Thanks for the chuckle.

Tammy said...

Very funny and very true. My Hubby is the same way.

Michelle said...

Awe poor guy! I hate getting zits anywhere, but especially on my nose!! :)

I am Harriet said...

I'm assuming that he doesn't read this.

I can relate to much of your post also :)

Tim said...

Im kinda the same way. Just ask the lady that does my hair. Its gotta be just right or I will go back just days later to get it fixed.


Memories Of Mine said...

I would be guarding you makeup bag, he might get addicted to wearing it. LOL


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