Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stuffed Full Saturday

I finally broke out my new Wacom tablet that has been sitting in the box for three whole days, untouched because there was not time for such fun for me! I have been playing with a photo of Sadie's new ride and it has been tons of fun and relaxation for me! If you like to play with photos or graphic design, I highly recommend this fun little toy!

Today is another packed full of things to do day that will include a little fun for me too! In between all the things I NEED to do will be lunch with my nieces, Tracy and Shannon! I cannot remember when the three of us were together last so this will be a nice diversion to the day! We need to get together more but life always seems to get in the way!

Next on the agenda will be taking pictures of Zach and Breanna as they head off to the military ball later tonight! Zach told me I could come to the school to take pictures but I would have to stay in the balcony! What!? Is he embarrassed of me? What is the deal? Then he tells me that if I want to take pictures from the floor I will have to wear a formal! I DON'T HAVE A FORMAL, unless of course you count my wedding dress but something tells me that if I show up in a wedding dress my son will disown me in a heart beat! So if I want photos I will have to use a longer telephoto lens!

I want to go take pictures but what I really need to do is stay home and work on my song for tomorrow morning! I am singing a special in church and do not have the words memorized yet. I think I know it but I really need to MAKE SURE I know it! I also need to make sure that my chest cold doesn't get worse because that could be a disaster.

The photo for today is Sadie's new tricycle done in black and white with the bike in color. I had to play with my new toy and this was the quickest thing to take a photo of since Sadie was napping.

Hope you have a great Saturday! Any big plans for any of you?


Lin said...

Gees, you DO have a lot going on! Have fun with the nieces--sounds like fun!

Love the wedding dress idea--AND I would be impressed if you could still get it on! I know mine might be a squeeze (or two).

Hope your song is a success! Wow! You are very brave and TALENTED!! God has truly blessed you.

I was going to work on my newsletter from home today, and then I realized that is ridiculous for a part-time job. So, I'm going to hang out a bit, maybe read or work on a quilt that's been sitting there awhile.

Anonymous said...

I feel guilty after hearing how much you had to do because I did pretty much nothing today!

Tim said...

That is too cool! I just got one of those tablets last week and just pulled it out last night for some retouching on a photo of Will. I loved it.

I have the Wacom Intuos 6x8. Carey found it online for 250 dollars. It was 400 at Best Buy so we felt like it was a good deal.



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