Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tip Tuesday

Yeah! I remembered Tip Tuesday! That is really amazing considering and the crap that has been going on lately!

This tip applies more to DSLRs than to point and shoot cameras (sorry). If your camera has a hot shoe for a flash, get a high powered flash like the Nikon SB600 and while you are at it purchase the Gary Fong Cloud. The flash will be raised off the camera and cover better distance than your on board flash and the cloud will soften the photo and keep the flash from overpowering your subject. The beauty of the SB600 is that fact that the head can be adjusted and angled to achieve different lighting effects. You can get more creative without buying a studio lighting setup!

The SB600 will set you back about $200 while the Gary Fong Cloud will be around $50. Some online stores will even offer free shipping with these products (Adorama and B&H). Add these items to your gear bag and you won't regret it!

The photos for today illustrate the bare flash compared to the flash with the cloud attached. The before photo shows a wash out Sadie, overpowered by the naked flash and the second photo shows a softer, more natural look using the cloud. The only thing I did to these photos was add the text, no other modifications were made. Of course, Sadie was not the best test subject because she really did not want to cooperate which is evident by the after shot showing her getting ready to have a major meltdown!


Veronica Lee said...

To the untrained eye like mine, both the images are perfect. Sadie is sooooo cute!

Lin said...

Thanks for the tip! I've been looking into one of these. I like the before and after shot to show the effect.

Hope today is better for you!

Tammy said...

There is a big difference between the pictures. I have to start learning more about my camera. I really enjoy taking picture. I will have to add this to my want list.

Michelle said...

Great tips. I sure could use all the advice your willing to offer. Beautiful pictures of your little one. She's adorable and looks so much like you mom.


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