Monday, March 23, 2009

I ♥ Faces does No Flash! Week #11

Kids Entry

Adult Entry

It is time again for I ♥ Faces week #11, No Flash! This week was a no brainer for me because all of my outdoor portraits are......... no flash! The hardest part for me was deciding my favorite because there are soooooo many! So I started this post on Friday and have changed the photos a couple of times! I hope I did the right thing!!

For my child entry I chose Drake, what a cutie he was and so much fun to work with! He was such a natural that he really did not need much direction from me!! He has done this before when he was modeling in Chicago as a toddler! Look out ladies, he is a future heartbreaker! I chose this photo becase the natural light coming into the barn was perfect!

For my adult entry I chose Darla, who is Drakes mom! What a beautiful person she is (on the inside as well as the outside)! We did the shoot with her and Drake at Lincoln Log Cabin which is one of Abe's childhood homes and we had a blast trecking all over his old stomping grounds! The actual cabins and out buildings are still there complete with animals that they would have kept and gardens like they would have been back in the day! It is a cool place to spend the day!


I am Harriet said...

Great photos. I've been there- 5th grade field trip with my son :)

Lin said...

Oh yeah, the kid's a natural! And so handsome! Good work, as usual, my friend!

Julie Rivera said...

That barn light is superb! What a great find for a session.

Unknown said...

What beautiful pictures! :-) that light is gorgeous and your pictures are stunning :-)

Shae said...

they are both very nice

Katarina said...

Those are nice. I really like your kid enrty one.

Unknown said...

amazing! love that handsome guy's smile. so great.

Through My Own Lens said...

Great nice it must be to have such amazing places to shoot!!! Good job!

Melissa said...

Love the kids entry! The lighting is gorgeous, and so are his eyes!

Annette said...

Great choices. I agree with you, the natural light coming out of the barn makes the picture fabulous. Well done.

Rachel said...

Both are great, but that boy is just so sweet!

Carebear said...

I think you picked just the right shots! That little guy is too cute for words - what a set of eyes! And mom's pretty too! Sure is a fun setting for photos (is it a barn?) Nice job!

Anonymous said...

Very nice!

Tasha said...

nice shots

Memories Of Mine said...

Nice shots. I apend all my weekend doing outdoor portraits with flash :) even though it was a bright sunny day.


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