Sunday, March 15, 2009

Loyal Commenter Award!!

I love to get awards and my best bloggy buddy Lin over at Duck and Wheel with String passed this one on to me! She is fun and her blog is really cool! Stop over and pay her a visit! I promise if you do, you will keep coming back for more!! Lin is also one of my top commenters. Now I need to pass this along so here are some of my loyal commenters:

Harriet @ I am Harriet who always has fun spin on the goings on in the world. This is the place to go to keep up with the happenings of the world! Harriet seems to have an inside source somewhere!

Tim @ Fort Thompson who is a good friend and always has a nice word for me! It is uncanny how he knows when I need to be uplifted! Tim is a good guy with a great blog.

Michelle @ My Crazy Life with a Toddler is also a good friend and a real sweetie. Check her out and then head on over to her photo blog, because like me she is crazy enough to have two!

Elizabeth @ A Nut in a Nutshell who is a lot of fun to "hang" with. She is funny and down to earth! Stop by her place and say "hey"!


Anonymous said...

Does this mean I'm a big blabbermouth? I just can't resist you, that's all. :) Thank you!

Unknown said...

I know everyone you mentioned except for Michelle. Now I need to go over and meet her, too!

Tim said...

I've got nothin but love for you Jo Jo! :) You are such an awesome person and even better friend. Im not even sure what to say that I havent already told you. I know I say it often, but its just because I always feel it. My appreciation for you knows no bounds.

So I will just say Thank You.

Your simply the best!!!!! Cant ya just hear the music??? See... I made ya smile again. :)

Love and Prayers,


Oh yeah on that email, let me know what you think when you get a chance to read it. I wanted your opinion on it since you introduced me to it.

Memories Of Mine said...

That's a oool award. congratulations on receiving it.

Veronica Lee said...

JO, here's proof of how much I heart your blogs. Grab the award specially made by my son from the top of my blog next to the running mouse.

I am Harriet said...

You're so funny Jo :).

I don't know how you get away with posting pics of your family on your site. I'd be roadkill :()

Michelle said...

Awww, thanks for thinking of me. You're a sweetie too. I always enjoy my visits to your place. It's my pleasure to comment. Hope you have a Happy Monday my friend.


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