Thursday, March 26, 2009

Toddler Talk with Sadie

I am all out of cool words right now so I am kickin' back and relaxin' in the back of the Pancho (Pontiac Chiefton) while Sadie speaks! Keep in mind that she has been talking in complete sentences since she was 9 months old! Her first string of words were directed at our dogs and they were "dogs, go lay down!", said while emphatically pointing in the direction she wanted the dogs to go!

Sadie: Could you please clean up?
Translation: I made a big mess and since you are at my beck and call, would you mind picking it up?

Sadie: Daddy needs to potty train!
Translation: Daddy has to go potty.

Sadie: I can't breach it!
Translation: I can't reach whatever it is I am trying to get that I am not supposed to have!

Sadie: We can go for walk?
Translation: Take me for a walk now or I will throw the biggest fit you have ever witnessed!

Sadie: I want to go see Alex.
Translation: I want to go to Church and play in the nursery with my friends! Please get me into a weekly play group!

Sadie: My hands are icky!
Translation: I did not tell you I needed to use the potty and went in my pants! Oh yeah, and I stuck my hands down my diaper to make sure I had really gone and now it is all over my hands!! (She actually did this twice on Monday!! Can you say gross?)

Today's photos are just some fun that I have been having in PSE! I was using Paint Shop Pro Photo and now I am learning about PSE and liking, NO LOVING some of the actions I have found to use in the program!

The first photo is me kickin' back, literally! The second is Sadie off on walk with her sippy! What more could a girl need?


Tim said...

Those are soooo sweet.

I jus luuff huh.


I just love her. So very very much I might add.

Please do tell us more about the actions you are using in Elements that you like so much. Are they part of Elements, or things you downloaded to it?

Love and Prayers,


I am Harriet said...

Great Post Jo!!!!!!!

Our little legacy :)

Lin said...

Is that New Toenail over there on the left? Hmmm?

Michelle said...

Sadie is toooooooo cute! :)

The Queen said...

Sadie is so precious! I love the picture of her walkin down the sidewalk.


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