Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It Is Finally Done!

Here is the long awaited picture of my hubby's completed motorcycle! This three plus year project is finally coming to an end! I have to admit that it is kind of nice to see his creation roar to life and know that he did all the work with his own two hands and I do mean all the work! He made the frame and the handlebars and the gas tank and the paint job is all his too! He is a very talented guy, there is really nothing he can't do when it comes to working with his hands! He is a carpenter, a wood worker, a welder, a painter and so much more! The only thing that is "stock" on this bike is the motor! Can you tell that I am so proud of him! You can click on the picture to make it larger so you can see it in all its glory!

The second photo is the love of my life lost in thought looking at his creation! He had no clue that I even captured this moment! I just love it when that happens! I hope to capture a photo of him on the beast soon! The bottom photo is, of course me! It is a self portrait that has been turned in to a pencil drawing. I just wanted to share with you cause I thought it was kind of cool!


Unknown said...

Wow he made that himself - that's one talented hubby you have there!

Anonymous said...

My hubby would drool all over that bike! HAWT!

I just love capturing pics when subject doesn't know it... face is so relaxed.


Jon said...

Nice bike. I can fully appreciate all the work that went into creating it. I once stripped down an old Triumph and completely re-vamped it - King and Queen saddle, chrome, extended front forks - the works.
Boy I took pride in that bike.

Secondary Roads said...

Handy guy.
Nice Ride!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your photos!

Lin said...

Are you KIDDING ME?!! He made that?! Wow. Okay, so who isn't talented at your house? Makes me wonder what the dog can do!!

Unknown said...

That is an amazing bike!

Tim said...

That is so awesome! Not to mention VERY difficult. He is VERY talented.

I still love the paint.

Love and Prayers,


Tammy said...

You should be proud of him! That bike is awesome.

The Girl Next Door said...

I don't know which photo/picture I love best - oh heck who says I have to choose? But the one of hubby does have that something extra. Hawt yeah that's it...


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