Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In The Shadows

I know the title sound ominous but I have been playing with shadows in photography this week and having a pretty good time doing it! Last week I told you all that my favorite "room" in the house is our enclosed front porch and I found more reason to love it on Saturday at around 3:00 PM!

I took note of the time because of the shadows I was seeing and wanted to remember so I could do more on another sunny day! These photos are my favorite from that afternoon!

The first photo is the shadows cast by the windows and you can see a corner of a shadow from my porch swing (my favorite place to "hang")! The second photo is the stroller for darling diva's baby and I just love the dramatic shadow that is cast! The final photo is MY FAVORITE of the day! It is our dog Zoe catching some rays and I just happened to catch her shadow. Her profile is just beatutiful! I set this as my screen saver because I love it and I love her!


Mom said...

I love these, especially the last one.

Tim said...

I love those shadow shots and knew what they all were before reading.

Love and Prayers,


Unknown said...

I love your shadow shots! What a fun "project."

I am Harriet said...

Hi Jo.
You and Lola are too funny :().

What's with dogs and catching rays?

Anonymous said...

Those shadows look so beautiful against the rich wood color. :)

Michelle said...

Well done. Great shots. I love the one of your puppy. I always seem to have problems with shadow shots. My pictures never look good to me.

Unknown said...

What a great job taking pic of shadows

Memories Of Mine said...

Nicely exposed. I love the first shot.

Jenera said...

I love these! I may have to copy you and try it a bit myself...if the sun would come out.


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