Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It was NOT me who flipped out when greeted at the door on Saturday by the teen in the house telling me he had NOT let one of his 3 pet rats escape during bath time! It was also NOT me who let the dogs (beagle & pit bull) out to find said escapee!

It was NOT me who watched very carefully as she was cleaning and doing laundry and it certainly was NOT me who was prepared to squish the little creature if she showed her beady little eyes. It was also NOT me who laughed hysterically when dear hubby found said escapee in the towel cabinet when he was getting ready to shower last night!

It was NOT me who was taking pictures of hubby's new motorcycle creation and stepped in a hole that I had NOT seen a million times! It was then NOT me who fell flat on my bootie! It really was NOT me who laughed so hard at herself the she did NOT pee her pants!

So now if it is NOT you and you do NOT want to join the fun or you just do NOT want to see what others are NOT doing, head on over to Mckmama's to check it out!

Today's photo was supposed to be Sadie laying on her tummy looking at me! It was NOT Sadie who followed my direction allowing me NOT to take this shot! I just did NOT think it was cute anyway! Sorry, it was NOT me who got carried away with NOT Me Monday!


Anonymous said...

I would have laughed at hubby finding the escapee too. I would NOT have laughed if I found it myself.

~Jamie said...

I would have NOT laughed at several of those situations!

I am Harriet said...

Did you not find the pet rodent?

Michelle said...

Glad you found the pet rat. Yikes! We have a pet Chinchilla and it's always a pain when he gets loose. Fast little sucker! LOL!

Wayne said...

wow im glad you found the rat.

Great not me's

Unknown said...

You are hilarious! That's the first time I read a Not Me and I must admit I was NOT a little confused at first. :)

Night Owl Mama said...

Don't kids do the silliest things...she's too cute. My dd would of done the same thing. LOL


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