Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Weird Wednesday

My buddy Tim over at Fort Thompson tagged me with this meme! Now I am not by nature a meme fan but this one sounded kind of fun and is called 6 Weird Things About Me, so here goes!

1. Like my buddy Lin, I have a toenail that is ready to leave this world!

2. I like to have my back tickled to relax me! My hubby has become a pro at this one!

3. I am clausterphobic but I love to swim, snorkal and scuba dive.

4. I have never had a broken bone in my life!

5. I am a cronic blog stalker! (I am getting better at making my presence known)

6. I LOVE to buy shoes, but HATE to wear them! Case in point, today's photos showing a pair of shoes purchased in the January of 2006 and worn once. Sometimes I think about how I could have better spent the $50. Judging by the second photo, Sadie is going to be a shoe girl too! My hubby has no clue what he is in for with this one and I am not telling!

And now for the people I am going to tag! The reason being, I want to know what kind of weird things my bloggy buddies do.

Lin @ duck and wheel with string (check her older posts for the meaning of the name)
Diana @ Diana Rambles (I have been stalking her for a while now!)
Harriet @ I am Harriet (She was one of my first bloggy buddies and Facebook)
Jamie @ Kids me & Raw III (She is fun and if you read her blog daily, you just know there is some weirdness lurking somewhere)


While I am at it I was given another award by KatduGers at Random Ramblings and Recipes. This is an "Ain't life grand award" in which I need to name 5 things that make life grand so here goes:

1. Life is grand because I have two wonderful kids and a husband who need me every day! Their existance depends on my being here to serve them!

2. Life is grand because God is good!

3. Life is grand because I am free to be me!

4. Life is grand because I have made so many bloggy friends and I look forward to many more!

5. Life is grand because SPRING IS ALMOST HERE!

Now for the winners! The envelope please (drum roll).................................

Elizabeth at a Nut in a Nutshell - one of my newest friends

Tim at Fort Thompson - one of my funny friends

Harriet at I am Harriet - My first blog friend

Lin at Duck and Wheel with String - One of my best bloggy buddies

Diana at Custom Blog Design - My bloggy friend that I like to stalk, who puts up with me!
Lola at
Lola's Diner
- because I think she is cool, I lover to read her blog and her posts on sited and blogged (on which I am a contributor) and I want her and I to become friends!

Life is grand with each and every one of you because you all make my days more fun!


Lin said...

Whoohooo! Thanks, Jo! Two major awards in one day?!!!! Wow!

I love that you and I share the Toenail issue! Be sure to treasure those last days together because you never know when it will be the last. (sniff) Paint it, glue it, --do whatever to extend those good times.

Diana of Diana Rambles said...

Double prizes!! WOW! Thanks for the double awards. I am sure you will proudly display your NEW award SOON!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your award and for honoring me with the same! That's so sweet!

I have a problem wearing my shoes too! Actually I have clothing with tags on it all over the place as well. I'm reformed though. I swear.

Thanks so much for the award!

Lola said...

Congratulations on all of your awards and thank you so much for the award you have bestowed upon me.

I've had 2 very busy days, yesterday and today, but I promise to get the award up by Friday. I'm off to an appointment and then after the kids get home from school we're off to the Bulls game. (Just what I wanted to do on a Wednesday evening, take my 2 plus one of their friends. I just hope they all have a good time.)

~Jamie said...

Oh girl there is so much more than just weirdness lurking in me. Thanks for the award! Although I thought I was doing a pretty good job of keeping my quirkiness to a minimum. I guess since you have so easily recognized it, you are responsible for opening Pandora's Box!

Unknown said...

I've never had a broken bone either! The toenail thing is icky... LOL... I've never had that happen to me. Ut oh, I shouldn't have said anything. :)

I love buying shoes, but hardly ever find any that meet all of my standards. So almost everytime I get dressed I am disappointed about my shoe choices.

Great to learn more about you.

Unknown said...

Congrats on the awards! Those shoes look comfy!!

Tim said...

Way to go JO JO!! Congrats on the awards you so deserve them!

Thanks for passing them on to pee diddly little ol me! Im not worthy!

You are such a great friend, and God surely broke the mold when he made you. You are one of a kind, and for those who know you they understand that.

Love and Prayers to You Always,


I am Harriet said...

HA :)
Thanks baby... :)

Kathleen W. said...

I'm such a shoe person too, and hate to admit that I also have a pair or two that I don't wear. I get caught up in the moment whenever I enter a shoe store!


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