Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Closet Full of Clothes and Not a Thing to Wear!

We all have this problem at some time or another, right?? Well, it is like 150% worse for me right now!! Why you ask? Uuuuuum, well, er..................we are having our family photo taken on Sunday and I am trying to coordinate my family so we look like we belong together!

Before you ask, NO I am not taking our family photo myself but I will be doing all the editing on them! You see, a friend of mine sent me a message saying that his family of 6 is needing a new family photo since the youngest child is not in one family photo! He is also a photographer so I suggested a joint shoot with both of our families and swap it out as a trade! Good for both of us, right? Right!

I picked an urban location for some great casual family photos that both of us would love! We are all jeans sort of, casual type people so it will be perfect for both families!! I am excited, except for the picking out the clothes thing!

Things not to wear for a family photo:

1. White shirts with jeans. - Too yesterday and way over done!
2. Black shirts with khakis. - Ditto!
3. Anything that is too matchy, matchy. - You will look like you just left work where you all wear the same clothes!
4. No huge logos on t-shirts!

Things to look for in outfits for family photos:
1. Items that coordinate! Say mom is in a brown dress with blue shoes, then make sure everyone has a hint of that same blue somewhere in their out fit.
2. Do Not be afraid of patterns such as stripes or polka dots!
3. If you have little ones, start with their outfit and then build the rest of the family around them because it is usually easier to find a bigger color selection in adult clothing!

So I have picked the Diva's outfit which includes a dress with leggings, boots and a hat to match. Here is what I am building from:
So here is how it will roll! Daddy will wear a white button down shirt with blue stripes (there are blue dots on the dress that are not reading well in this photo) and jeans. I will wear a brown jacket with a light blue shirt under it, jeans and some fun shoes to match! My biggest problem is the moody teen because I want him to look like himself in the photos, meaning I don't want to put him in clothes that he would not normally wear. I know he will be in jeans and either an off white or blue shirt depending on what I can find when I go shopping. By the way, the teen is the only one I have to buy a shirt for! Everything else came from what we already own so you do not have to spend a fortune on clothes for a shoot if you plan accordingly!

I just love brown and blue together so I am excited to see how these turn out!! Not to mention the fact that the Diva was only 4 months old the last time we had family photos done! Stay tuned to see the outcome!


Lin said...

Oh, how timely! I was just wondering what the heck we are gonna wear for our photo shoot with you! And like you, our last family shot was a long time ago, so it is badly wanted and needed now. I'm glad I have a month to figure out what we are going to wear. :)


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