Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Diva and the Potty Training Saga!

Today is day number three of the great potty training saga! Let me bring you up to speed: about a week ago, the Diva told the moody teen "I don't want to potty train!". Yeah, we got a good laugh but in the back of my mind I was calculating the cost of Depends for a teenage girl! Seriously, I was thinking this girl does not want to do this so it is not going to happen any time soon!

So, we started on Tuesday (NEVER start anything on a Monday) we put on her new Dora the Explorer underwear and I took her to potty every 15 minutes! The girl did not potty once! Not in her potty or her underwear that is until 4:30 PM when after sitting on her potty, she pulled up her pants and peed! Ugh!! She did it again 15 minutes later after getting off the potty! Sigh, this is never going to work! End of day one we put a diaper on for bed and called it quits for the day.

Day two, put on Tinkerbell underwear and started the process over again. She went in the potty chair and we celebrated with a potty dance and a new butterfly sticker! Then before lunch she comes to me with something on her hand that looked like very thick brownie batter! OH NO, she had pooped in her underwear and stuck her hand in it! EEEEEEEEEWE gross! So we put a fresh pair of Tinkerbell's and continued. She ate lunch and took a nap (woke up dry) and went in the potty chair!! Potty dance and Tinkerbell sticker for a reward!! She even went to Praise team practice with me and stayed dry and clean!

Day three, woke up dry, used potty, got dance and sticker (Nemo), put on big girl underwear with hearts and that is wear we find ourselves as I type! She is getting it! There will be no Depends for my girl when she is a teen! Wow, I am just glad we are both stubborn and I can go head to head with this toddler who is wanting to do things her way or no way!

By the way, stickers are not her only collateral! I told her she has to be potty trained before she can go to dance class!!!


Jenera said...

potty training for us was quite a battle. it seemed to take forever. Then Sam came along and Aidan figured it out in a week.

Memories Of Mine said...

I think I have to hold the longest potty training record ever. It took me over 365 days to train my son. No diapers day or night, just a whole lot of washing. Just over a year latter after we started training he got it!! Thank goodness

Best of luck, I'm sure it wont take you as long as it took me. Persistence is the key :)

Lin said...

Whew! I forgot what a pain it is to potty train. Ugh. Glad to hear she is catching on.


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