Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Fun Shoot with Savanna

This girl ROCKS!! She and her dad scoped out locations for her senior shoot and she planned her outfits to the tee! This girl knew what she wanted and I was happy to help her achieve the look she wanted for her senior portraits!!

This is one of my favorites!! What you do not see is the little frog that is about to hop into the frame with her!!

This her with her dad's 57 Chevy! Very cool car, in my opinion!

This shot was done on a hill above a dry river bed! She said it reminded her of Winnie the Pooh! All grown up but still a kid at heart!

We got carried away and lost track of time! Not to mention that we had to drive to various locations and there were outfit changes! So I had to get creative with the lighting when it got dark!! The shots with the car and the Harley (which can be seen here) were done using the headlights of several cars! One car for the motorcycle shots and four cars for the 57 Chevy shots!! I have wanted to use this technique for a while and finally got the chance! We were all very happy with the way it turned out!!



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