Monday, September 7, 2009

I Am My Beloveds and He is Mine.

What does that title mean to you? It means a couple of things to me! First, the love between my husband and I, we belong to each other! Not literally, of course, as in ownership but in the spirit of love, unity and family! We love each other and belong together for eternity! We do what it takes to make it work in good and bad times.

There is another, more important, meaning! Gasp?!! Yes, to me it means that I belong to God and that He will always be my Father! I love Him and He loves me! In the good times and the bad! No matter what kind of mess I have made of things, He forgives and forgets my transgressions! I am one lucky girl to have two amazing loves in my life.

As we are sitting with my father-in-law as he makes his final journey from this life, my mind is ever working on grasping the situation at hand! However, I am also spending time in quiet observations that give me hope and make the title of this post even more apparent. You see, God has blessed my father-in-law with a wonderful woman who has been his companion and love for over 10 years and she really loves him! She is selfless in her caring for him night and day. She does for him what a son or daughter could not.

We know that we could never in a million years express our gratitude to her for all her acts of kindness. We do know that without her, we would not have been able to care for him. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do! We love you more than words can express. We are thankful that God brought you into our lives and the life of our loved one!

If I am MIA for a while, it is because the care of my father-in-law is more important than anything else right now! Thanks for understanding.


Anonymous said...

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