Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Breaking the Co-Sleeping Habit!

Before I start, let me say that this is not a debate!  There will be no right or wrong and all derogatory comments will be deleted!  Having said that, yes, we were co-sleepers!  The key word here is WERE! 

It started innocently enough with the Diva staying in our bed following a late night or early morning feeding and just kind of morphed into a full time thing by accidental design!  I say accidental design because it was more the Knight wanting her in our bed than me!   Don't get me wrong, it was easy for me to give in because I did not have to interrupt my sleep too much and I was comfortable with her snuggled up next to me!  I did have to purchase a bed rail so she would not fall out but that was minimal!  No, I did not (and still do not) trust the Knight to sleep beside her because I have been the victim of many a elbow in the ear incidents!

Anyway, when she was weaned, I considered putting her in her own bed but again the Knight intervened and
said he could not sleep with her anywhere else!  Again, I gave in!  Then I finally got tired of all the aches and pains from sleeping between them and then there is the issue of the heat the two of them put off!  I would wake up and be sweating to death!!  I hated it!

For the last 2 months, I am happy to say that I have more room in the bed!!  She has been booted!  OK, so it wasn't that harsh!  She got a toddler bed with Princess sheets and loved it but would not start out in her own bed!  She would start in ours and we would sing and talk until she was good and tired and then we would put her in her bed!  Oh, she would fuss at first but we made a huge deal out of her being a BIG girl!  Now, however, we can put her in her bed and she is just fine!!  Can I get woot woot?

She sleeps better, I sleep better and life is good!!  Now if I could just find someplace else for the Knight to sleep!!  Just kidding!!


Lin said...

I'd kick everyone out of my bed if I had my druthers. I HATE sharing a bed!! Even with Joe. I don't want to share my space, my covers, my pillow, my breathing space, NOTHING! Can I have the princess bed if she doesn't want it??

Jenera said...

We have never really had an issue with co-sleeping. though Aidan does get in bed with me when the hubby is gone and it's usually about an hour before we get up. i hate sharing my bed too


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