Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Hit 500!!

This is actually post #501!!  I cannot believe that I have done this whole blog thing long enough to make it this far!!  I think I am totally addicted!  No, I tell you what I am addicted to and that is texture!!  Really, I have spent the last few days dreaming of, searching for and creating textures to use on photos!  Then, of course, I have to dream up new photos to add texture to!  It is a vicious cycle for me!

I am also addicted to my new blog design and I cannot stop looking at it!  I love it so much, I just want to keep it up all the time so I can look at it!

So, since I am addicted to textures I have added yet another texture to a photo of the Diva and to the photo of the Moody Teen!  I know I am using the same photos over again but these are two of my favs and I just want to see what the different textures do to a photo! 

I am getting back to work soon and will have some shoots coming up and then there is the matter of the Diva's three year photos which I dread look forward to!!  Ha!  Ha!  March, April and May are super booked with Portraits in the Park fundraiser and Senior Rep photos!  I have an amazing group of guys and gals who will represent me well!!  I am so excited and the Reps will be competing for a great cash prize!!

OK, I am done for now!  I hope your week is going great!!


Secondary Roads said...

Love those textures. Let me say it again, I also love the new blog template. It is great!

Unknown said...

I absolutely love the new design! So super beautiful, fab, sophisticated, clean and welcoming! :) I love the textures as well... Gosh I wish you lived closer so you can do some photos of my children and me. That would be great. You are really talented and I really like how you continue to improve your art.


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