Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Free Textures in Honor of My New Look!

I have been so into textures lately that while I was doing laundry, I happened to notice two of our basement windows that have frosted glass!  I dropped the laundry and ran up to get my camera!  Here are some photos that I processed using my newly created textures.


OK, think you get the idea so here are a few tips for using textures for you that have never used them before!  All you do is open your photo and your texture in your favorite editing program.  Next, you copy and past your texture on top of the photo and then lower the opacity so you can see your photo below!  Next, you will erase (using the eraser tool) where you do not want texture, like, a face or skin.  Adjust your final opacity to taste and flatten your image and viola, texture!!  So here are my freebies all you have to do is right click and save the image to your computer!  If you use it just come back let me know so I can see your art!!

By the way, a HUGE thanks going out to Diana at Custom Blog Designs for giving me the blog of my dreams again!!  She did the first design over a year ago when I won a blog makeover!!  I am proud to call her friend!  Diana, you rock my world with your creativeness!!

Here are the freebies:  Enjoy!!



~Jamie said...

Love the look! And thanks for the textures. Texas Blog Chicks has an action that you can download for textures in PSE. Sorta helpful for newbies.

I'm snaggin your textures

Secondary Roads said...

Those are neat. Saw you comment on Lin's blog and came over from there. FWIW, I love you new template. I can now read the text against the white background. CU here tomorrow.

Lola said...

Very cool. Love the photo of your kids on your header. It's so cute!

Lyndsay said...

Very pretty. Thanks for sharing the link on iheartfaces!

Lin said...

I LOVE your new look! I am totally jealous and now I'm wondering if I need to re-do mine. Hmmmmm....and I noticed you aren't on blogspot anymore. Are you using wordpress? Why the change???

Thanks for the info on texture! I love that you are teaching me all these new things and pushing me forward. I just never get around to the manual to figure it out on my own. Now I am brave enough to try it!!


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