Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Sanity is at Steak Here!!

Why Blog?  Simply put, it is cheaper than therapy!!  Ha!  Ha!!  No, I'm not kidding here!  It really does help me keep my sanity even if I don't tell you all the bad stuff that happens around here!!  The name of the blog does NOT describe life in general trust me!!  If the name reflected life, I might call it:  Life from the Crapper, or This Bucket of Crud Called Life but who wants to hear all that stuff?  Not me, so I will just say that my life is far from perfect and I have very little family around here who care because they are too busy with their own lives!  Wow, did I say that out loud?

There have been several times this past week that I have been tempted to check myself into the psych ward at the local hospital just for a stinkin' vacation!  I have a friend who is a nurse out there and she promised to fluff my pillow and make sure that I had all the reading material and junk food I could handle!  She even said I could sleep in!  What in the world is that??  It is unheard of around here unless you are the Knight or the Moody Teen, both of whom could help alleviate some stress from my life if they would just pitch in a little!  I just need a 24 hour period (to start) where I do not have to care for anyone!  I need to be able to leave the house without my conjoined at the hip preschooler and go see a big girl movie (one that I pick out that does not involve the mob, alien creatures, military weaponry, princesses or talking chipmunks)!  I mean really is that too much to ask?  And date night?  Fugettaboutit!  That is non-existent around here!!  The Knights idea of a date is a movie on cable (one that I don't care for usually) and ordering in!  The last time he took us (the Diva included) to a nice dinner was at the end of May for my birthday!  Sigh..........I told him I was going to put an add in the paper for him!!  Here is how it would read:

One slightly tarnished husband.  May come clean with a good
polishing.  Not into date nights or letting you have time to 
yourself!  Dinner by 5, laundry put in drawers, lots of 
snacks needed for late night feeding frenzies!  Likes to 
ride his motorcycle (no room for you), spend time at his shop,
look at car & cycle mags!  Very little conversation unless
it is about stuff he is interested in!  Very reasonably priced
if you are into indentured servitude!

I have even tried to convince that Knight to let me take the Diva to daycare ONE day a week!  It could be perfect!!  I would let the Moody Teen take her on his way to school and he could pick her up on his way home!  I would not even have to leave the house unless I wanted to!  Of course, there would be sunny (what is that?), warm days that I would want to go to lunch with a friend, roam the mall or just grab my camera and drive until I saw something that caught my eye and then spend the day taking pictures!  That would be perfect but for now I will have to settle for blogging!!  Ha!  Ha!

***NOTE:  this was typed yesterday and set to publish this morning!  I only check email from my iPhone on the weekend and rarely turn my computer on unless there is photo editing to be done!!


Liz Mays said...

Jo, you touched me with your comment yesterday and I had no idea you and I were kind of dealing with the same type of thing. I appreciate you sharing that with me. I hope that your situation works out in the way that will lead to your happiness.

Posting yesterday was kind of my first step in acceptance and I know what the end result is, and now it's time to just start dealing with it and moving forward. I'm finally starting to see that I can be alone and be ok and even happy.

I want you to be happy too, and I hope you find your way there. :)

Luv you Jo!!!!

Lin said...

Uh oh. Sounds like you are going through a tough spell.

It is hard to be the mom, especially when you still have a little one home. And the cold, gloomy weather doesn't help either. Hang in there. Maybe you can work out a play date with a friend for The Diva and you might have an hour or two to yourself. I did that when Em was small and me and the other mom worked it out. It was good for Em and good for me to have some time away from each other.

As for the men in your life--I don't know what to say, but to tell you that I understand. It isn't all butterflies and rainbows is it?? My extended family sucks, but I learned to move past them and find other places to put my energy. (You notice I never write about my mom or brother) We all have idiots in our lives, we have to move past them.

Know that I am thinking of you and I hope you are doing better today. Demand some free time for yourself or a date with your husband. You have to yell and scream sometimes for them to understand that you need more from them, so DEMAND it.

Hugs, pally. Know that I'm here for you. Call me on my cell if you want to chat. We've all been there, my friend. It ain't easy being the mom. Pretty much, the job sucks most of the time.


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