Monday, March 16, 2009

It's NOT Me Monday!

As you have figured out, NOT me Monday is a way that we can confess the things we have done over the past week! This carnival was the brainchild of MckMama so hop on over to her place and join the fun and see what everyone else has NOT done this past week.

Deep goes:

It was NOT me, who while cleaning out the trunk of my car, discovered a bag with black, rotten bananas in it! Yuck! It was NOT me who laughed hysterically as I reached in to the bag and squished one between my fingers.

It was NOT me who gave the little diva Barbie Gummies but only after I did NOT pick out all the orange ones for myself! I would NOT deny my daughter that orangy gummy goodness!

It was NOT me who told dear hubby to take his truck to Home Depot to get the new grill knowing that it would fit in my car trunk. It was NOT dear hubby who listened insisting it would NOT fit. It was NOT dear hubby who had to remove the grill from the box and it was NOT me who said "told ya so"! Nope, I would NEVER do that EVER!

It was NOT me who laughed while dear hubby was cleaning up dirty diapers by the trash can in the alley this past week! It was also NOT me who discovered the culprit was a HUGE squirrel! It was NOT said squirrel who has been living off of our garbage all winter long and tossing diapers into the alley!

It was NOT me who laughed at my little diva when Daddy turned her favorite show off and she went into a tizzy like no other! I would NEVER laugh at my child's unhappiness! It was also NOT me who drug my husband into the world of reality TV! He is NOT watching Celebrity Apprentice with me every Sunday to see who is NOT fired. He is NOT watching because he does NOT like Jessie James! I am NOT laughing very hard!

It was NOT me who heard a sermon on Sunday about denying self and did NOT interpret that as a sign from God that I am NOT supposed to eat less food! I am NOT wanting to lose some weight before I fly to Colorado to photograph my nephew's wedding because I do NOT need to lose any weight!

It was NOT me, who in all her groggy glory at 3 AM, told her husband that she could care less if he had any of the bed because he could NOT always sleep on the couch! Again, I would NEVER do that because I do NOT love my dear hubby!

Since I really do NOT love my hubby, I thought I would NOT share one of my favorite pictures of him! I do NOT love his relaxed, natural smile!

Let's be honest!! What have you NOT done this week?


Unknown said...

We had nasty garbage-eating squirrels this year, too!! They made a mess of things (chewed right through our Rubbermaid can!)

Great Not Me's!

~Jamie said...

We don't have squirrels we have psychotic chipmunks! I once did NOT find a whole bag of monk eaten Reese's cups in our garage. I did NOT accuse the children of stealing them and eating them. OOOPS! I was NOT mad that the children ate them without given me some!

Anonymous said...

I have never had to say I told you so to my husband either for much the same thing. The squirrels were tossing diapers? LOL

Kelli W said...

SUPER funny Not Me's!! The bananas and the diapers had me laughing!! Squirrels are evil!! We had a horrible experience with evil squirrels when we went camping last summer! I always take a few red gummies before I give the pack to my boys...they are my favorite!!Have a great week!

Carma Sez said...

was going to say you could use the bananas for banana bread - until I read the "rotten" part ;-)


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