Saturday, January 31, 2009

10 Things About Me!

I received this award along with the friendship award from Jamie one of my bloggy buddies! For this award I have to list 10 honest things about myself and pass it on to 7 other bloggy buddies so here goes nothing.

1. My full name is Glenna Jo, and no I was not born in the south! I was named after my Dad, Glenn Joseph, who passed away 5 months before I was born. Was I supposed to be a boy also?

2. I am claustrophobic to the point that if I cannot get my feet out from under the covers at night, I feel like I will suffocate.

3. I have traveled the world! Some of the places I have been are: Russia, Poland, Finland, Japan and Mexico. On all but one of these trips I was singing! Oops, I guess I was singing in Mexico too, but I was under the influence of Jose Cuervo at the time!

4. I hate cauliflower in any form.

5. Everyone used to think my sisters car belonged to me because she let me drive it all the time! Incidentally, she also took me to get my drivers license and helped me get my first new car!

6. My favorite musical of all time is Phantom of the Opera with Wicked a very close second. I bought tickets for Phantom on Broadway from a scalper and it was the best $75 I ever spent. Michael Crawford was the perfect Phantom!

7. I am in lust for Hugh Laurie (House)! I cannot get enough of him and that show! Talk to me Hugh! I love his accent (in case you don't know, he is British).

8. I am in the best fraternity (sorority) in the world! ZETAS ROCK! Zetas are popping up every where these days (new friends and old).

9. I was an EMT for 10 years! I also wrecked a brand new ambulance as I backed it into the garage following a late night run.

10. I dream about photographing the seven wonders of the world! I wonder if National Geographic is hiring?

And now for my 7 bloggy buddies who I am tagging! In no particular order:

2. Lin

3. Tim

5. Liss

Click on the name to visit their wonderful sites!! And now for the photos of the day! I have not been out to get anything new because Spencer's Dad is in the hospital and we have been tending to him! There are from the 8 inch snow that the dogs enjoyed so much! Sadie would not venture off the sidewalk and there was no hope of a snow angel!
Have a great Saturday!


~Jamie said...

Phantom is also my favorite but a VERY close second is the Lion King! Thanks for playing along. I got so much from your answers. Who knew you were such a woman of the world? AWESOME!

I am Harriet said...

Hey Jo-
We have a lot in common.
Who knew?
Go Zeta's!!!!
Cauliflower sucks!

Lin said...

Hey, these are great! And thanks for the award!

I'm saying a prayer now for Spencer's dad--hope things are okay.

Mom said...

Thanks for the blog love!

Memories Of Mine said...

I love reading these. I will post soon. I am not sure if I am that interestig though.

now go eat your cauliflower :)

Unknown said...

I love your list too. You're amazing!


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