Friday, January 30, 2009

What Kind of Student Are You?

I have been thinking about this for a long time because I am not the student that I was in high school and college, thank the Lord! Back then I really did not care about grades! I did what I had to do to get by! Don't get me wrong, I studied and worked hard just not as hard as I could have!

Fast forward to now: I am a very hard worker! When I was taking nursing courses (before I got pregnant with Sadie) I was a studier! I would start studying for a test at least 3 days in advance mostly because I was taking double accelerated classes that lasted only 8 weeks! Talk about brain busting but I did it and managed to keep my 4.o GPA in tact! I really wanted to do well and get honors and I did!

Then there is Zach! He is a typical teen with and I don't care attitude who is brilliant! I say this not because he is a straight A student (he is not) but because he manages a B average in all of his classes without ever opening a book!! I wish I had it so easy! I tell him all the time that he would do so much better if he would just apply himself! What mother has not said that to her teen?

Now we add Spencer to the mix! He has gone back to school to use his Montgomery G.I. bill that he earned while in the Army! He has been in class for almost two weeks and is getting to experience his first test this week! So he tells me he needs to study and sets up his little study station at the dining room table and proceeds to open his books to study when Sadie starts singing at the top of her lungs trying to outdo the latest American Idol wannabe who is auditioning! I laugh but he doesn't see the humor! After 20 minutes he gets up and declares that he will get up early to study, this did not happen! As he leaves for class he tells me that he will cram between classes and hopefully remember everything! I hope it works for him!

What kind of student are you? Are you one who really applies your self, like me? Maybe you are a natural, like Zach? Or could it be that you are a hope and pray student, like Spencer?


Lin said...

I regret now that I didn't apply myself more in high school or college, because I think I could have done really well. Like Zach, I didn't do homework or study and got through with "B"s. I could have taken honors classes and gotten a higher GPA if only I had tried. But it was different back then--there wasn't the emphasis on all of that like there is now. And our parents didn't have as much involvement in our schoolwork like we do with our kids.

Colin is in all honors classes and is in the top 7% of his class. Em is tied for Valedictorian for her 8th grade class. So I guess they apply themselves better than Joe and I did, which is great. But you know what? I don't put emphasis on class ranking or grades. As long as they try their hardest and have their "heads" together is all that matters. There are so many more serious things that parents have to deal with and I thank God everyday that I'm not having to deal with those.

Michelle said...

I really didn't care much in high school but once in college I worked hard and studied all the time. I really had to apply myself. School never did come easy for me. Now, my hubby on the other hand has a genius IQ and everything seems to come easy for him. I've always been so jealous. LOL!

Soulsearcher said...

It wasn't until I was an adult in grad school that I really worked hard. Before that I just kind of skated through, doing enough to get decent grades. The whole college experience--dating, parties, concerts, etc. seemed more important then. I think that was good at the time; it helped me to be more well-rounded and I actually enjoyed college. In fact, I LOVED it. Good memories.

Veronica Lee said...

I was a regurgigator! I was only good at memorizing facts but when I started working, I started to grasp what I learnt.

Lola said...

I just wanted to get through high school. I rarely if ever brought homework home. If it didn't get done in school, it didn't get done. I still managed to get good grades. I probably would have made honor roll if I would have applied myself better. In college I was interested only in my core classes which were Accounting classes. My English class was first period and I was late if I ever made it at all. I had to do a speech about how to do something and I forgot until I got home after midnight from the bar. I pulled an all nighter to write my speech and prepare my visual aides. In Business Law I never cracked the book open and slept through class with my head on the book. The teacher joked that I learned through osmosis because I got A's. Apparently that was the case. Either that or my sleeping brain soaked in the lectures. lol!

Erik said...

Check out the program, "Where There's a Will, There's an "A"". You can find it for cheap on line.

I was a slacker, but applied the rules and found a new approach. I ended up doing 13 years of university studies and graduating cum laude. Worked for my good- for-nothin' brothers too. Sound engineer, business manager and a doctor. Whooda thunk?

Unknown said...

Well, in high school I only studied for the classes that I liked then realized in the 12th grade that I should have been applying myself so I did a little better. In my first year of college I had no study habits so you can imagine how that went.

When I went back to college as an adult I made the dean's list. I learned to study and apply myself, and since I was busting my butt working, going to school and taking care of a young child I didn't want to waste my time.

I hope he did well on the test!


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