Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thinking of Warmer Days!

I'll be honest here, I am wishing for warmer days but I am also awaiting a good snow for photography purposes! I have all of these great ideas that are trapped in my head waiting to be released by the click of the shutter and all I need is one good snow or a plane ticket to Colorado to visit my sister! Either would work for me!

Today's photos are items that are primarily used in the summer and sadly neglected in the winter months! I guess it was these photos that made me long for the warmer weather.

The top photo is Sadie's Little Tike's car. She got this for her Christmas in 2007! It was her first car. She could ride the car long before she could walk and when she finally decided to try walking it helped keep her steady on her feet.

The bottom photo is my porch swing! I got it for my birthday in May of 2008 along with a ceiling fan for our enclosed front porch! There were many hours spent on the swing waving at neighbors as they walked or biked past our house! Because of the swing, the front porch quickly became my favorite "room" in the house! It is just such a great place to relax alone, with the family or with friends. We like to watch the storms roll in from that swing! It is calling me to come and sit a while but I think that will have to wait for a warmer climate.


Michelle said...

I'm really missing the summer months too. Seems like our winter has been harder then normal. It's snowing today and we are suppose to get another storm on Friday. Yuck. Hope you get the snow so you can take your pictures.

Lin said...

I refuse to even think about summer--we are soooo far off yet. I have to make it through February and March yet, and that is a feat upon itself. Arrghhhh! Oh, and I really, really hate the in-laws who call from Florida to talk about the weather.

But I DO like the photo of the swing!

Unknown said...

I love warmer weather too and oh how I would love an enclosed porch. Well, just a porch to start. LOL. I can't wait 'til it snows or 'til you visit your sister so I can see all the great pictures you'll take.


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