Monday, January 19, 2009

Caleb and the Historic Tain Depot.

Waiting for the train!
Being silly!
With Mom and Dad!
Handsome Boy!

Saturday I had a great time shooting Caleb at the historic Mattoon Train Depot. Caleb will turn 8 in February and these photos are to mark that occasion. He was so much fun to hang out with! We talked about trains, tractors and Star Wars. He was such a great sport and did everything I asked of him! We even took a small break to watch a CN freight train as it headed north (the tracks are only 10-12 feet from the building so we got to see it up close and personal). Mom and Dad even got into a few of the shots and at the end, Caleb got to choose his pose and location for a couple of shots. When the weather warms up, Caleb is going to take me to see his barns (on Grandpa's farm) so I can take some shots there!

The train station was an awesome place to shoot because it is still like it was back in day when it was a major hub. There is definitely lots of character in this old building, so much so that I could feel the "buzz" of excitement that this depot housed when it was in its glory days.

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, the depot was completed in 1918 and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2001. At its height, the building housed a power plant, mail room, luggage room, and restaurant, in addition to the main hall where passengers waited to board trains. As many as ten trains a day departed the depot in the 1950s. Today the depot is in poor repair, although a citizen's group is attempting to raise funds to renovate the structure, much of which is closed to the public. There are no Amtrak employees at the station; the doors unlock and lock automatically before and after the arrival and departure of trains. The station currently serves as a stop for the Illini, Saluki, and City of New Orleans passenger trains. The tracks themselves, formerly part of the Illinois Central Railroad, are now owned by the Canadian National Railway (CN). Freight trains run by CN pass through frequently.

Enjoy the photos!


I am Harriet said...

To think....I thought that Steak 'n Shake was the hot spot in Mattoon :)

Lin said...

Ha! Ha! I loved Harriet's comment!

Great photos, Jo! I wish you were closer to take my Em's 8th grade photos. Her's from school stink!

Loved your son's photos yesterday--he takes after his mom! Although I didn't say so, because you know how that would go over! :)

Michelle said...

What a fun historic trip. I love anything to do with history. Love the pictures of your little guy. He looks so happy. Hope you have a great week.


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