Sunday, January 4, 2009

Blog, blog, blog!

My husband says that all I talk about is my blog! Well excuse me for liking the blogoshpere and my bloggy buddies (and my new layout)! He says that every fifth word out of my mouth is blog, so here is what I imagine he hears in our daily conversation, keeping in mind that he is not a talker.

Me: How was your day, blog?

Him: OK, what's for dinner?

Me: I was thinking maybe blog and potatoes and maybe blog to go with it.

Him: That sounds good!

Me: Sadie was a wild blog today! I really don't blog what got in to her!

Him: Sorry you had a bad day? Where is Zach?

Me: He is still at blog because he had drama blog after school and then blog has a basketball game. Blog is playing in the blog band.

You get the picture! Bless his heart, but I swear the man never hears me unless I am talking about my blog! If I toss a laundry list of things that occurred during the day at him the only word he will hear is blog! Oh well, at least I know he is hearing SOME of what I say!

Now to the pictures! The top photograph is my little angel at the end of a long day, fighting sleep. This is the only time she will sit still long enough to have a photo taken! The bottom photo is the moon along with Venus. This was taken a couple of nights ago when Venus was the brightest "star" in the sky.


Veronica Lee said...

Funny, that's what my hubby says about me too!

Lin said...

Well, blog, it must be a blog husband thing, because blog mine does the same blog thing! He blog says that I'm really into the blog thing too blog much. I don't blog know, because now he is leaving blog comments on my blog. I guess if you can't blog beat 'em, you might as well blog join 'em! He doesn't know what he is blog missing!!

Hee! Hee!

Michelle said...

Your husband sound like my hubby. Though sometimes he indulges me and likes to blog too. I have a little spot on my blog just for him. I love the picture of your little one. She is just beautiful. She looks like you mom.

~Jamie said...

Our hubbies must wear the same hearing aid!

Stacy Uncorked said...

LOL! I think my hubby's selective hearing is just like your hubby's! ;)

LOVE the picture of your Little Angel - priceless!

Unknown said...

That is a beautiful picture of her... what an angel!

Gosh, I love that night shot.


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