Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sadie is my Muse!

We all have a muse in our lives and Sadie is mine! She is so funny and always knows what to do to make me smile! What a personality she has! She is also very smart! She can already count to 8 and she is not even two yet and she can talk circles around anyone! My fear is, that by the time she is 16, I will be really stupid (in her eyes)!

A couple of days ago, we went shopping for "big girl" undies to start the potty training process. She was very pleased with her selection of Dora and bright colored undies and proudly showed them to everyone we passed (I hope this ends before she is a teenager)! I hate the thought of this process beginning because it means she is no longer a baby! I know it is the next logical step in her little life but it still makes me a little blue!

Today's photos are of my little muse! She loves her little Crayola Crayon people that are perfect for her little hands. The last photo is Sadie and out bully baby, Zoe! They love to cuddle on the couch!
By the way, today is hubby's 36th birthday! Happy Birthday Spencer, I love you very much!


Soulsearcher said...

She's beautiful! And it's great that you seem to enjoy every minute with her.

I am Harriet said...

Nice pics- enjoy it now. Before you know it, she may become a 17 year old who has a confrontation in your car with a trailer hitch from the car she is following too closely behind on the road.yep. $2,000 damage to my front bumper + two days without my car.

Michelle said...

Awww, she's such a sweetie. Happy Birthday to your hubby. Are you going to do anything special? Hope you guys have a fun day.

Lin said...

This is my only stop today--still queasy from anesthesia. Glad I did, though, it made me smile lots! I love the hands photo. Don't worry, no matter what she wears she'll always be your little girl. You are going to have sooo much fun with her. It is much different than a son. Not all good, but mostly it is. Have fun with her!! I find that Em and I do a lot together. I'd say "friends" but I don't believe you should be with your kids. Companions, maybe? Either way, it is a blast! Sadie
is soooo pretty!

Momgen said...

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Unknown said...

I've seen those little Crayola people before. Maybe I should get those for Anna so she stops terrorizing the other kids for their crayons and markets.

Hmmm?? You got me to thinking: I never thought about going ahead and getting her some big girl panties. I, of course, have some left over from one of her sisters so maybe that'll be some incentive for her.

Good luck with the potty training - I think we're going to start in a couple of months. She's interested now in going.

Veronica Lee said...

Sadie is adorable. I'm green with envy. I've always wanted a daughter.

LODS said...

your princess is simply adorable. and looks like she is really enjoying using her crayola. to bad my daughter doesnt like it, she is turning 15 months old and she prefers to use the big girl crayons,lol. .i guess it makes her feel like she is a big girl herself. how old is your daughter? i love the picture of the one with both your hands..


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