Monday, January 26, 2009

Snowy Fun With Sadie

Yesterday we got some more snow that I was not expecting. It was not that I wanted more snow (contrary to what some of you think) but it was a good opportunity to play in the snow with Sadie, which we had not done yet! So we bundled up and headed out with the camera for some winter shots with our little snow princess.

It was really cold so we were only out for a little while but we had a lot of fun. She did not want to come in so I had to put up with a minor meltdown. After getting her snow clothes off and having a snack, all was right with the world once again and we downloaded the pictures of our snow adventure while huddled under a blankie.

I just love the innocence of kids when they are in discovery mode! All these firsts are so much fun and it makes me think back to when Zach was this age and in his discovery mode. Then I think about how it seems like yesterday when Zach was her size and now he is almost a man! He has no time for the fun of childhood because he moving full steam ahead toward adulthood! Time flies so I am taking all the time in the world with her. I am just so glad that I am able to stay home with her and enjoy her early years with her.


Sited and Blogged said...

There is no end to this awful winter :(

Tammy said...

Love her hat and her sweet little face. You are so right they grow so fast. Enjoy her every minute.

Michelle said...

Looks like she had a good time. I love the little smiley face hat. Tooo... cute. I've only taken my little one out one time this winter. It just way to cold in my parts. I'm ready for summer. LOL! Thanks for sharing Jo!

Lin said...

Oh, geesh, she is sooo cute! I like that you have the time with her and just her. It's good that you have the gap between the kids for that. She looks like a warm cuddle to me! I'm glad that you have so many nice times together!

Kristin said...

Great pictures! She is so cute! =)

Memories Of Mine said...

She looks so cute in her snow gear.
I would love to take a little of this snow off your hands. We are suffering a heat wave here it so hot, it is pointless going to the beach until the sun has set even then its stinking hot. The only thing to do is stay inside with the air conditioning on.

MommaWannabe said...

She is so cute - loving all the pink! I wish to see and experience everything you are going through - it must be fun to have kids

Diana of Diana Rambles said...

Love her Patrick hat!


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