Monday, January 12, 2009

Fire in the Sky!

This was an accidental photo that I saw the other night as we were coming home from who knows where! I saw it as we pulled in the driveway and ran into the house to grab my camera to capture the moment! To me it looks like the sky is on fire!

It was a lazy weekend so today it is back to business as usual with the cleaning and laundry and all that lovely work that doesn't get done if I don't do it! Spencer starts school tomorrow and I am preparing to start out potty training adventure with Sadie! I plan on starting slow and working into it, besides, I don't think they make "big girl" panties in size 12 months (yes she is still a peanut).

Zach survived his weekend at the U of I for the High School Theatre Festival and is still on cloud nine from all of the great shows he saw! Boy do I miss those carefree days when I didn't have to worry about stuff!
Check back tomorrow for tip Tuesday! Here is a hint: wear some old clothes.


Lin said...

I'll bet Zach had a blast! Did he perform too? I love seeing my kids enjoy high school as much as I did, although my son is really shy and doesn't do as much socially as I would want him to. But, that's my deal--not his.

Lovely photo, as usual! I get so frustrated when I see something and I don't have the camera there to capture it.

Jenera said...


Good luck with potty training. I am finally able to say that our oldest is potty trained and it's been a long time coming.

Paul Eilers said...


I was at a college football game one time, and saw almost the exact same thing.

The wonder of nature.

Toni said...

What a gorgeous picture! I am stopping by from Diana's blog to say Hi!

I love the pictures below of you when you were little. I have a similar pic of myself with my granddad!

Soulsearcher said...

(Sigh!) Once you are a mother I don't think there is such a thing as days without worrying. But, as you know, there's lots of joy, too. Great photo of the burning sky!

Veronica Lee said...

I see a beautiful sunset every evening from my balcony, yet I can never capture it in all its glory on camera. Sigh! I guess it just needs talent.

Unknown said...

That picture is so beautiful. I wish I could capture shots like that.

Good luck with Sadie. I have a tiny tot too. Although she wears 18 months 'cause her legs grew a little she isn't even 20 pounds yet and she's 20 months old.

I am Harriet said...

Sometimes it's those spur of the moment photos that are the best.

Michelle said...

Awesome picture. Wish there was some blue skies above my house. Just snow today. Good luck with potty training. I sure had a hard time with my little one. Potty training is a hard thing to do. When you get a chance stop by my place. I have an award for you.


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