Monday, January 5, 2009

New Award! More Photos!


Stacy over at Stacy's Random thoughts gave me this award because she had a blonde moment! OK let's be honest here! Who among us has not had a blonde moment! I have had more than my fair share, mostly because I am blonde! Here a few recent examples:

1. Told my husband I would make him an appointment on Saturday to get his hair cut! Totally forgot and now he is stuck until Tuesday.

2. Went to the store and forgot all stuff I need to make Italian Beef! I even had a list with me!

3. Made an appointment at the bank for today at 2 pm when I already have two other appointments at that time! Yes, I have a planner but I obviously do not look at it very often or I would not have to call to reschedule two appointments!

I blame momnesia for most of these moments but the baby is almost two so I don't know how much longer that will work! Go ahead and grab this award if you have ever had a blonde moment! You don't have to be blonde to fall in this category either! In fact you don't even have to be a TRUE blonde!

Today the photos are more on a whimsical note because that is kind of the mood I am in today! The top photo has to do with my daily addiction, Diet Coke! I love the stuff and I cannot wait until I allow myself to have the first one of the day! Yes, I said allow! I am allow myself to have 2 Diet Cokes per day and I cannot have one until lunch! This is just a general rule I follow and I make myself drink water the rest of the day! Just so you know, we also recycle our cans so it is not a total waste!

The second photo is the newest member of the rat pack, Star. She is just a wee babe and while I am not a big fan of the rat pack, I have taken a liking to her sweet little face. She has also been beaten up by the other two members, Luna and Sola, so I kind of feel sorry for little under dog of the group!

I would apologize for the whimsical photos but I was desperate for new material! I have a project in mind but the weather is not cooperating with me so I will wait on that one! I also have a photo shoot scheduled on the 17th so you will soon see some new faces! Well, at least one new face, I am still trying to convince mom and dad that they need to join Caleb in the photos! We'll see how that turns out!

Happy Monday!


Lin said...

But, I like the whimsical photos too! And that sweet whiskery face--awww. Hope she can stick up against the two big guys!

KatduGers said...

I love the Diet Coke one - I too am a Diet Coke addict, only I'm not so self controlled as you!

I figure, I don't drink tea or coffee like some people do all day, so Diet Coke can't be any more harmful!

Anyway, cool pic!

Michelle said...

I'm a brunette and seem to always have those blond moments. LOL! Seems like every since I had my little one I'm missing a brain cell. Maybe I lost it during my pregnancy. Can't wait to see your new photo's.

Jenera said...

I love the diet coke shot. Looks like something from a print ad.

I am cutting out Coke all together-hopefully! I haven't had one in a couple of days. If I do have one it's only one a day.

Unknown said...

I love the photos! You are so creative.

That award is cute... I've definitely had some blond moments, but I can't think of any right now. LOL!

The Astral Cowboy said...

Great shot of the Diet Cokes...almost makes them not look like cans full of neurotoxins pushed on an unsuspecting public by one of its most powerful public officials.

I love your blog and want it to continue...please consider researching aspartame. It converts to 3 primary neurotoxins when it reaches 85 degrees farenheit. It has been proven, in every test since it's inception, to cause greater weight gain than the amount of sugar it replaces. It also makes you crave carbs so you will gain weight and buy more Diet Coke.

Don't believe me...look it up.

Sent with love,


The Astral Cowboy said...

I really did love the pictures of the cans and numerous others on your site. If you ever have any questions about the stuff, let me know.

Here's a few articles to get you rolling.

Anonymous said...

I like the diet coke photo! Thanks for the drop :)

Anonymous said...

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