Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mind Blowing History!

I am still trying to wrap my brain around the history that was made yesterday! Oh sure I knew Obama won the election and all but it had been pushed to the recesses of my brain until yesterday when it became official!

I have told you before that I do not let my life revolve around politics but I have to ask: Could we not have put the money spent on the inauguration to better use? Must it be so extravagant? Must there be 10 inaugural balls?

I don't mean to sound like a downer but we are in a recession, or so they tell us every day on the news! Oh well, enough about politics, let's just see what Obama can do!

Let me give you something else to think about! During my time spent travelling the blogosphere I have come across lots of people who are in need of prayer and so let me ask you to pray for Harper who is only 4 days old. I have a soft spot in my heart for the little babies who are sick. You can check out her story at Kelly's Korner . Her parents are faithful and know that they are in this for a reason. Kelly even asked that we pray for the 40 other babies in the NICU and their families. There I have issued the challenge now all you have to do is pray!

The shots for today are some recent silly shots of Sadie! The top one is her laughing really hard at something the dog did and the bottom one is her in her "thinking chair" (Blue's Clues).


Lin said...

Yeah, how come nobody is questioning the amount of money spent on this thing?! They ate up Bush at his inauguration for the same thing! Obama seems to be "hands off" from any criticism or mockery. I'm just waiting for a SNL skit. The media has such a double standard.

Love the "thinking" pose---too funny!

Michelle said...

Love the pictures. She is just adorable. I sure know about the thinking chair. We love Blue in our house.

Veronica Lee said...

My boys still haven't outgrown "Blue's Clues".

Michelle said...

I think you and I are from the same 'ilk' or is it 'silk' either way, I love your blog! :)

I gave you a little award:

Unknown said...

She is so absolutely adorable. A little model.


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