Friday, January 9, 2009

Playing With Fire!

Here is another photography experiment that was fun to try! The first results (bottom 3 photos) were not the greatest but I kept trying until it worked the way I wanted it to in the top three photos! I wanted to try this at home before I hit the road and set up the tripod to capture light trails from traffic. Zach was a willing participant, for the first three photos, because he got to play with the laser pointer in the process! I always warn him about the laser pointer and the hazards of shining it someones eyes. I did the top three photos after everyone was in be and I really like the results.

In one of the shots it acutally looks like Zach is on fire! Trust me when I say, no children (or animals) were harmed in the shooting of these photos. By the way, if you are going to try this please make sure that you are not looking through the view finder while your helper shines the laser pointer into the lens! You could really get hurt!

I really like the different looks between the ones Zach helped with and the ones I did on my own. The difference comes from the direction in which the laser was pointed in relation to the camera. The ones I did pointed toward the wall while the ones Zach helped with pointed toward the lens directly.

Anyway, I am a little bummed because I was supposed to meet today with a couple getting married in May to discuss wedding photography and they called to cancel last night! They hired another photographer, which is great but here is the kicker.......they hired a photographer who is also a deejay and he gave them a good deal! I am sorry but I think that the photographs will not turn out like the couple wants especially of the reception! Oh well, you win some you lose some and I am OK with that! I wish them well!
Check me out tomorrow when I post Playing With Fire 2 and see how I drove my husband looney with my photo taking project!!


Lin said...

I took a photography class in college as a "blow-off" course--BIG mistake! I spent more time taking the right photos, doing time-exposures, and developing my own pictures than I ever thought I would. My other classes suffered!! Ugh. I was required to do the traffic shots, which is really interesting and it helps you learn about exposure. I'm glad I have a new tripod for those kinds of shots.

Sorry about the gig--but they are IDIOTS! They'll be sorry in the end. They don't think about how many times they will go back to those photos over the lifetime of their marriage. I have a feeling they will regret not signing you every single time!

Diana of Diana Rambles said...


Veronica Lee said...

It's their loss, not yours 'cos they don't know what a great photographer you are. If you lived in Malaysia, I would highly recommend you to all my friends.

Paul Eilers said...

Remember, you get what you pay for. If their weeding day is special to them, then they should not go cheap in every area, especially the one thing they will see for years to come.

Jenera said...

This is too funny but I was JUST telling the hubby I want to practice with light trails. I have some photos from 4th of July last year but I want to try the traffic ones too.

Great shots!


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