Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Diva Cracks Me Up!

Yup, she will be the class clown of that I am sure! Oh, she is smart so she will also be the brainiac! Ha! I believe she will be the perfect mix of both! So, we are outside the other night while daddy was working on the '54 and I was playing with my zoom lens (I have been so attached to my 50 mm that the zoom has been a little neglected and I need her for this weekends wedding) and the diva runs to the garage to her favorite corner and runs back out with these.
Can you guess what they are? No, they are not do it yourself party hats! They are paint strainers that the knight uses when mixing paint for vehicles and such! The darling diva usually wears one as a hat and asks expects me to do the same! These hats are, more often than not, accompanied by paint sticks that we use as pirate swords! I usually amuse her but this time she did not bring me the "hat" she did this instead.......
She started saying "I am a robot" and turning in circles! I was laughing so hard, I almost missed the shot! The imagination a 2 year old is the most wonderful thing in the world to experience! She amazes me every day and I am blessed that my job passion allows me to be home with her and still do what I love to do!
Yes, I love this little creature more than I can ever put into words, even when she is throwing a two year old tantrum and I feel like pulling my hair out! I love to watch her sleep! I love to watch her discover things and I love to help show her new things!

Next week we are going on a field trip to Arcola, Illinois (my hometown)! Home of the famed Broomcorn Festival because it is broomcorn capital of the world (Libman Brooms is headquartered there)! This is also home to the Raggedy Ann and Andy Museum (the creator of these beloved dolls was born in Arcola and unfortunately the museum is closing at the end of 2009 and moving to New York to the National Toy Museum) and Rockome Gardens in the heart of Amish country! So we are going to the museum and then to Rockome to see the flowers, shops, train, haunted cave, the Amish house and, most important to the diva, horses! Of course, there will be great Amish baked goods and homemade apple butter to be enjoyed and don't forget the ice cream!

I am excited just thinking about it! Too much to do between now and then to get to carried away! Enjoy the rest of your week!


Unknown said...

LOL...she is definitely a future Diva in the makings.
She looks like a real treat to watch and even learn from.
Whoever said the Old Divas know it all :)

S-H-Y said...

She so adorable..

Lola said...

She's just so cute!

Unknown said...

That's funny. Those pictures are too cute.

What's with the robot thing? My two middle children have been saying they are robots lately. Is there a movie out that says that? I know they go with their dad to the movies so... Hmmm?

Have fun on the field trip.

Memories Of Mine said...

Sorry I haven't been around for a while. I'm a little bit busy at the moment.

The Diva is so cute. Funny and smart she has a killer combination going on.

Mamí♥Picture said...

I love your pictures and the way you play with your camera. I have to learn a whole lot, I have the new canon and it is great but I do not know how to use all the features so I leave it on automatic, lol. Me still learning and I love it!


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