Friday, July 24, 2009

Tales from Our Daycation - A Post of Epic Proportions!

It really is possible to take a very small vacation, close to home without spending a ton of cash! Sometimes all we need to do is look in our own backyards! That is exactly what I did when planning our adventure in Amish country! Now, this was all old hat for the moody teen and I but we had fun because we viewed everything through the diva's eyes since it was all brand new to her! We started at the Raggedy Ann and Andy Museum and gift shop where the diva was not sure about the the 2 huge dolls positioned out front.

Once we got inside and she saw all the dolls, she was right at home! She was very excited running from one exhibit to the next! We had to slow her down a bit! Ha!

Lately, the diva has been fascinated with tea parties so when we came across the exhibit of what Marcella's room would have looked like, she wanted to join the tea party!

What little girl does not remember her first Raggedy Ann doll? I know I remember mine (I wish I still had her).

I know the diva will never forget her first Raggedy Ann! She is diva sized and signed by the creator's (Johnny Gruelle) granddaughter Joni Gruelle and even has the diva's name on it! Here she is dancing with her new friend!

Our next stop was for lunch at the Dutch Kitchen then a visit to the Primitive Goose and then off to Rockome Gardens in the heart of Amish land! One of the big attractions is the big rocking chair!

Then the diva and the moody teen made the trek to the top of the old barn to look out point! You can see the diva in the small window at the top!

And, of course, no vacation is complete without taking your photo in a cutout! LOL!

But, the true highlight for the diva was getting to pet and ride on her very first pony! She was so excited and said "Look mama, I'm doing it all by myself!" even though she had a guide to lead Molly, the pony and her brother walked right beside her the entire time! LOL!

She also like the old school house and sat in one of the desks to take a small break! We were close to the end of the day and she was getting tired!

Next, we headed to the bakery for the best homemade soft pretzels you have ever tasted and headed off to our final destination, the buggy ride!

As you can see, she was worn out and so was I! After petting, Holly, the horse and thanking her for the buggy ride, we headed for the car and the short drive home!


a49erfangirl said...

Looks like a really fun day! Wow Diva looks so small in that rocking chair. LOL

Lin said...

That looks like a ton of fun, Jo! You are lucky that you live so close to all of that. Last year we went for a drive on Sunday through Amish country and had a blast just watching the buggies and the families going by. Church had just let out and we were swamped by the buggies!! It was a hoot. And yes, you'd be proud--I didn't take their photos although I was dying too!!!

Unknown said...

That's really cool. I need to plan a day like that for the children and I. Of course, I usually don't get up the nerve to do that with three small ones, but maybe I can get it in before my teen goes back to college. Great pics!


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