Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Random Stuff by the Diva

Hello bloggy buddies! I have been one busy girl lately! Mostly playing and going to meetings with mommy and helping daddy paint his truck, which now looks like his bicycle (read: motorcycle). It looks really cool! See for yourself!

I am now a famous hair bow model! See for yourself here! I am so beautiful! Ha!

My daddy was baptized on Sunday! It was really cool to see Pastor Lou dunk him in the water! He joked that he needed to go last because he would probably make the water boil! LOL! I love my daddy!

Mommy is busy getting ready for a wedding this weekend! Chet and Amanda's big day is finally here! If you don't remember them you can check here to refresh your memory! Amanda is going to look like a princess and I love princesses! I cannot wait to see her pictures! She is getting lots of calls these days for weddings and is completely book in September not to mention the two in August!

Well off to play! Talk to you soon!

The Darling Diva


Michelle said...

Love the paint job. Sweet! Sounds like everyone is busy with fun summer activities. Congrats to daddy on the baptism. That's a big deal. Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment regarding my little one. You're awesome.


Rebecca Jo said...

HOW COOL to see your dad getting baptized... I got chills!!

I truly thought that car was on fire!!!! That looks so real!!!

Lin said...

The paint job is SWEET! I can attest to that!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Your blog is becoming one of my favorites....

Secondary Roads said...

Dear Diva,
I bet you mommy is happy. Your daddy is a neat guy. Thanks for sharing pictures of his baptism. Also pictures of his super-cool truck.


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