Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Dog Ate My........................................

OK folks, this is one of those posts where I am just aggravated with a certain fur baby beyond belief and need to vent about his latest eating adventures! Let me preface by saying that we watched the movie Marly & Me (with the dogs in the room) and I think Boscoe is trying to be like Marly! If you haven't seen it, I won't spoil it for you!

Let's hop back to last week when I found him in his cage with his back to me, I knew he had something he was not supposed to have and went to investigate! It was..........................a brand new pair of my underwear which he rendered useless!! The next day he had one of my husbands socks from the laundry hamper which he promptly turned into a wrist band by eating the foot off! Day three another pair of my new underwear........gone!

This beagle has a problem! He will eat anything and I do mean anything! Dirty diapers, cardboard boxes, you name it and he will eat it!! The final straw was this morning when I heard the familiar clicking of dog nails on the hardwood floors and realized that Houdini Hound had gotten out of his crate (where they sleep at night) and was roaming the house! I don't know how he got out but I think a new crate is in order! Anyway, I got up to find him heading back to his crate to chew on his tank top! I workout and sleep in men's tank tops and he had gotten the one I wore yesterday and chewed a huge hole in the front of the shirt! UGH! I swear I am going to put this dumb mutt out of my misery!

I really do love this mutt! He was our first "deployment puppy" in March of 2003 but he can get annoying at times! LOL! Please pray the the rest of my wardrobe survives this eating machine!

The diva will be back tomorrow with another review and giveaway! So come on back for the low down!


Your Daily Cute said...

Awww. He is a cute dumb mutt, isn't he? ;)

My cat doesn't exactly "eat" things, but he does play with them till they're holey... I just have to be really careful to keep anything I value IN the closet, with the door closed. Good luck!

Jenera said...

My dumb dog does the same. He'll be good for weeks on end then for a week straight he'll chew everything up. since he is a pit, I know he needs to chew but it seems like his bones are just not good enough for him. Maybe it's like dog PMS.

Ann said...

LOL, I only laugh because I feel your pain. I've been there before. It's a good thing we love them or we would have to kill them. :)

Anonymous said...

LMAO! I've seen the movie Marley & Me so I can imagine the type of dog you are talking about. Sounds like has expensive taste, pun intended.

Split Rock Ranch said...

Oh boy, he must be related somehow to my Australian Shredder...I mean Shepherd! Guess you have to completely Beagle proof your house, and your wardrobe! Our dog ate the sill off one of the windows in our great room while we were gone one day. She managed to eat some of the drywall, too. She loves to pull open the seams of stuffed toys and systematically gut the poor thing one little puff of stuffing at a time. I'll come out of my office to a "blizzard" of stuffing in the great room. Sigh, good thing we love them, huh?!


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