Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Day At The Beach (through the Diva's eyes)!

A week is a super long time to go without talking to you but I really am too busy to be troubled by blog business more than once a week! There are toys to be played with, messes to be made and, of course, trouble to be gotten into!! Yes, I do get into trouble on a regular basis! Ha!! My newest adventures include climbing on the computer desk and the dining room table to get things I am not supposed to have like: mommy's wacom pen, gum, camera (big no no), the salt shaker and whatever else I can get my hands on!! The problem is that once I am up there I always have to call for help to get down because I am not quite sure how yet! I call for help in the sweetest voice I can (sometimes in Spanish) knowing that I am probably going to get my fanny patted! When mommy pats my fanny, it doesn't really hurt but I carry on like I have been beaten! I KNOW how to turn on the tears!! LOL!

What else is new? Oh yeah! I got to go the doctor again only this time was to take bubby, he had an ear infection and an upper respiratory infection all at the same time!! Yuck, poor bubby! I got a sticker for being a good girl! I love the doctor!

Mommy and I went to the Depot (as in Home) on Monday without daddy!! We got 4 tomato plants, potting soil, and some big pots to put them in since daddy is getting ready to work on the backyard. I also got a big tub and 2 bags of play sand!! After mommy and I ate Chinese we went home and planted the tomatos and then she filled my tub with the play sand! Oh, I forgot that we stopped at the dollar store and got a pail and shovels and fun stuff to use in the sand! Since we live in Illinois, this is probably the closest I will get to the beach for a while! That's OK, I like my sand on the porch (my favorite place to be other than the park)!

Mommy took some cool picutes of me playing! I hope you like them! Hey I forgot to tell you that my mommy has a birthday coming up on the very last day of May! She would kill me if she knew that I told you! She'll get over it! Ha!! I think she is going to be really old like 24 or something!! That is old to me ya know!!

See you soon! Love, The Diva


Unknown said...

Great pictures. I love the sun glasses.

Jennifer @ Mom Spotted said...

I hope she feels better soon!


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