Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wordful Wedensday by Sadie

So it's Wednesday again and I get to take control of mommy's blog!! Mwhaaaaaaaa! I have done so much since last week! I wonder if I will ever catch up on my sleep? MMMMMM, not likely since I don't like to nap! Ha! Ha!

Saturday was the car and bicycle (read: motorcycle) show and daddy's bicycle got a big trophy for being the best! The trophy is actually mine and daddy doesn't argue with me!! Mommy and I looked at all the cars and she took lots of cool pictures. Even though it was cloudy we got a little red! Later bubby got all dressed up to go to the dance party (read: prom) and mommy took pictures of him and his dates too! They looked so cute, I wish I could have gone!

Now I get to tell a story about my daddy!! He hates it when we blog about him!! Ha! Ha! Anyway, yesterday my mommy was giving little man a bottle while I ate my lunch and when I was full, I flung what was left of my cottage cheese everywhere. Mommy asked daddy to clean me up and instead of using a wipey like mommy does daddy put me on the floor and called the dogs over to lick me clean! Mommy was a little grossed out!! She would NEVER do that! I thought it was fun and it kind of tickled!

I wonder just how long this little man is going to be here? I call him mommy's baby but she tells me I am her only baby! He is here so much that he might try to take over!! Oh no, I hope he doesn't get the blog!! He might get slobber and snot all over it! Watch out he may have that little piggy flu I have been hearing so much about! He is a gross BOY after all! Here is a picture of him! My mommy wanted to get one of us together but I was so not in the mood! Ha!

By the way, my mommy is trying to win me a necklace like hers over at La Dolce Vita so if you would go over and comment on her featured reader post about my mommy that would be cool! Make sure she knows that you like Jo (oops, mommy). Thanks, I really want that necklace!

I gotta go hide my toys cause he will be here soon! See you later alligator!


I am Harriet said...

Did the dogs tickle you a lot?
You should do that after your mommy gets the necklace.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful always!


Susan Cook said...

Cool story. Daddy has a funny way of cleaning up!

Happy WW!


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