Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wordful Wednesday by Sadie

It has been crazy since I talked to you last week! I was sick for a long time, coughing, snotty you know all that junk that is going around! Mommy took me to see the doctor on Friday (I love to go to the doctor cause I get stickers) and they gave me some good tasting pink medicine so I am feeling so much better now!

I have decided that I am really tired of sharing my Mommy with the little boy next door! He needs to go to his other babysitter and leave me alone and my stuff too! I am tired of slobber all over my stuff! He really is annoying because he cries for no reason! Like when Mommy changes his diaper, he throws a big fit! Personally, I like to have my diaper changed but that is just me! He cries when he can't move or when he falls over or when he gets bored with a toy even though there are a million things to play with!!

Mommy has been moody this week, if ya know what I mean! I hope I don't get that way when I get older! It doesn't help that she was mad at Daddy all weekend!! Yesterday he bought her roses to say sorry! I don't know if it worked or not! He has had finals the last two days so he has been knee deep in books trying to cram!

Mommy has also been trying to fix the big computer and nothing has worked so she is going to have to take it to the doctor to fix! She is complaining that she has to spend more money on the stupid thing! She didn't say stupid but I can't say what she said!! Ha!

Oh yeah, another thing that needs fixed is the window in Mommy's bed room! Daddy broke the glass the other night when he was trying to close it! At least he didn't get cut!!

Do you like my pictures? Mommy made the head band for me to wear with my dress on Mother's Day! I got lots of compliments about it!

Well gotta go, "you know who" is coming early today and I need to baby proof the house! See ya later!


Unknown said...

I love that headband... you're rocking it Sadie. I'm glad your daddy got mommy roses.

Oh, and be patient with the little boy. He'll be more fun to play with as he gets older.


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