Friday, May 15, 2009

Flashback Friday

Yup, I am taking another journey down memory lane today! Every time I look at my darling diva I can see all the wonderful changes that have taken place! She has gone from this tiny baby who needed me for everything to a toddler who is smart, funny and VERY independent! I love watching her "become"!!

These photos were not all that long ago but I have changed them up using another great PSE 6 action! In the top photo she was all of 7 or 8 months old (no hair) and she was just watching me watching her play! The second photo is from last July (the hottest day of the year) at the zoo. She was hot and tired but loved all the animals and the third photo is from last August 10th, the day of her baby dedication at church!

I just realized that since I did not start blogging until September of 2008 that these photos will be new to most of you! This is also with my old digital camera (pre DSLR) and before I really got back into photography! It was just a few months after the last shot that I got my Nikon and actually started making money doing photography! My how the times have changed! I am also happy to say that my photography has evolved as well!

I also have a favor to ask of all of you!! It is super simple! I need sites for I love your site Saturday and I was wondering if you have any that need to be featured? If so just leave me the url in a comment and I will check it out! It is just getting so hard to find time and energy to find new sites and with summer upon us, I just need a little help from you!!


Lin said...

Oh, how time flies, doesn't it???

Oh, I got PSE 7 for mom's day. I also ordered a book to learn how to use it.


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