Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Diva Speaks

Is today really Wednesday, I am so confused! I know Monday was a holiday but I am not sure why! Mommy said it was to remember the fallen soldiers who paid a very high price for our freedom. She mentioned some people like Justin, Jonathon and a couple other people that paid that price for us! I guess Mommy and Daddy knew them before I was here!!

We didn't do anything Monday because it rained! We were going to swim at the pool but we couldn't, oh well!

In case you are wondering, I am still not using the potty like Mommy wishes I would but I will when I am good and ready and when she least expects it!! Ha!! I am soooo stubborn! I just like to do thinks my way! Now that little man is not here, I can get down to business!! Ha! Ha! Business.........get it?

My green thumb is at it again!! Mommy gets upset because she can't grow anything (but kids) and bubby and I are good at it! One of my tomato plants is in bloom, I can't wait cause I love tomatoes! Mommy says that's all I would eat if she let me! She's probably right too! Mommy's red lilies started blooming this week too! They are so pretty! I also saw my first cardinal the other day!! I just love spring!

I gotta go pick out some pretty clothes cause Mommy and I are spending a girl day and going to visit one of her old friends that she has not seen in years!! She has a girl about my age so I am excited!

Today's photo is SOOC (straight out of camera)! Mommy is thinking about making this my "header" for my Wednesday blog cause she likes my "halo"! She also said she would edit it to make it look really good just for me!! I am so precious! Ha!

I need to give a shout out to my bloggy buddy Harriet!! We need to get together! I will talk to Mommy and maybe we can come to Shampoo-Banana soon to see you and Diana!!

The Darling Diva
You know you love me!


Unknown said...

I hope you had fun on your outing. Are you gonna show us the outfit you picked out?


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