Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Slept In.............Sort of..........

OK, by sleeping in I mean 6:45!! I took the moody teen to school and then read the paper on the front porch! Then at 7:30 I jumped into the shower knowing the kid would be here at 8:00! I was not ready when he got here! Ugh!!

Speaking of showers, yesterday I was in the shower when I looked down to see one of those jumping spiders in the shower with me! I screamed and no body heard me!! I could have died in that shower and it might of have been days before I was found! Ha! Well, I killed Mr. Jumpy when he leaped my way!! I hate creapy crawlies!!

Here is a sneak peak of a shoot I did with little man! Enjoy!


I am Harriet said...

6:45 is like lunch time to me ...
good for you- you deserve it.

Unknown said...

love that.

Lin said...

That's funny, because 6:30 is a DREAM to me!! Can't even imagine 6:45--although now that the kids are grown, I do get a sleep-in on the weekends more often than not. Isn't it nice to just take your time drinking your coffee and getting dressed?? Ahhhh.....

with ya on the spider thing----EEEK!

Unknown said...

I would have definitely had a fit had I seen the spider in the shower. I hate bugs that violate my space. It's bad enough they get into the house, but the shower is a no invade zone!

I like that little peek picture.


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