Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Little About A Lot!!

This is one of those mixed bag type posts where you just kind of throw everything in together and run with it!! Here we go:

I am so proud of my knight in shining armor because he made the Dean's list!!! He got three A's and one B all while working and doing those annoying honey do chores that keep him from having lots of spare time to study!! While talking about grades, the moody teen also got on the honors list at school! My guys are so smart (most of the time)!!

The darling diva has taken to singing along with mommy! She must pay really close attention when I rehearse or maybe I do it so much that it is just ingrained in her brain!! Enjoy the video of her singing with me!! That's the good, but.....................you knew it couldn't all be good right? Well, the diva is so not taking to potty training AT ALL!! Yesterday morning we got up and went straight to the potty where she sat for 3 or 4 minutes with nothing happening!! So I pull up her jammie pants and went to get her milk and banana, I thought she would be fine but OOOOOOOH NOOOOOOOOO, she peed her pants!! Ugh, she just got up from the potty! So we go about the day and I look at her at one point and here is the conversation that followed:

me: What are you doing?
diva: Pooping!
me: Why didn't you tell me? Let's go potty!
diva: I'm done! Diapee change please!
me: sigh...........................

Oh my gosh, she is so smart and STUBBORN (she gets it from her father although he will tell you otherwise)!! How do you handle a smart, strong-willed child?? I don't even beging to know!! I guess we will keep trying and find out what she wants (bribery works right) in return for using the potty like a big girl!

The diva will be taking over again tomorrow and boy I am sure that she has tons to tell you about some exciting happenings in her little life!!


Rachele Bennett said...

So cute. My 3 year old made me play the video over and over and then said "Her Mommy sings really pretty...but she don't." lol
I think it's just precious and that the little diva sounds great!

Jenera said...

How old is she again? We tried potty training Aidan from the day he turned 2. It was terrible and so stressful. It did not work until about a week after we brought Sam home when all of a sudden he decided he was a big boy. And that was about 10 months later! It took about another 2 months for the whole pooping thing but by the time he turned 3 he has been fully potty trained.

Oh and my little man loves singing too. It is so cute to hear his little voice pop up from the backseat.

Lola said...

How adorable!

Beth in NC said...

That is a precious video. My daughter heard a child singing and immediately ran over to investigate. lol

Lisa said...

She is so precious, I am struggling with the potty thing too. I keep telling my 3 year old he will not be able to start school soon if he does not go potty on the toilet.

stopped by from Fort Thompson.

Tim said...

Jo that was just tooooo sweet! I just love that little girl!

Love and Prayers,


Unknown said...

I am so glad I am not the only with a stubborn potty trainer. I am at my wit's end with Anna.

Congrats to your guys! They so rock.


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