Saturday, November 22, 2008

Award Winning Photo!

I am not one to "toot" my own horn but this is so cool that I just had to share! Yesterday I get a call that the photo I submitted of Sadie walking down a country lane had won a contest and the prize is the camera that is on my "wish" list. I am talking about a Nikon D6o, 10.1 megapixel, SLR with a lens (usually optional), 8 giga byte memory card, a tripod and a second point and shoot camera (which will go to Zach since he needs a new one). I realize I am gushing about this camera like the little guy in "Christmas Story" who wants the Red Rider BB Gun but that is how I feel about this camera! The total value of the package is $1400.00! I was so excited! The funny thing is, there was a commercial for this very camera of my dreams on TV the other night and I shushed Zach so I could listen and then told him that it was my next camera!!! Little did I know! To top it all off I had submitted the same picture to our local newspaper for a "Best Shot" thing they do each week and they emailed me yesterday to get more information about the picture and to let me know that they were going to run it! I have to go buy the paper today to see if it is there because it already hit the website . Sorry, but the little things like this really brighten my day! Have a great weekend!


Lin said...


Lin said...

Hey, I was having tons of probs loading comments on your blog, but it seems to have fixed itself or me! Oh well, at least I can comment again.

Good for you on the beautiful photo and the win! I have the D60 and LOVE it, although I wish I had photoshop to go with it. Have fun with it, it is a great camera! I'm anxious to see what you can do with it!

Soulsearcher said...

Don't apologize--it's a great picture. Congratulations!


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