Friday, November 28, 2008

The YUCK caught us!

I was so excited to cook a nice Thanksgiving meal for my family! I had it all planned out and everything was ready to be prepared when.... DUH......DUH.....DUH......DUUUUUH! At 2 am I wake with the worst stomach thing I can remember in recent years!! Yes that's right, the yuck had found me! After a sleepless night, I slept my Thanksgiving day away only waking for a total of four hours which was divided in two hour slots! I did, however, find out that my husband is very capable of taking care of the baby for more than one hour at a time! He had to take care of her all day, dirty diapers and all! He took the kids to Walmart and bought them McDonald's for lunch (which made me feel worse when he said "Here's your Thanksgiving dinner kids"). I really don't think they minded one bit! After all his "care taking" he got sick later that night but bless his soul, he sweat it out last night and was up for work at 5:30 this morning! I still feel blah but at least I am up and moving which is a huge improvement from yesterday!


Veronica Lee said...

Hope you're feeling better now.

Lin said...

Yuck! Hope you are feeling better and you can have your Thanksgiving another day. Doesn't matter when--just so you are together.


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