Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Teenagers! You can't live with 'em and you can't shoot 'em (or can you)!

It seems like, lately at least, one good day is followed by one bad day! Yesterday was good for me and for our country! Today, not so much! The country is still reeling from Obama's historic victory and I am dealing with a teenage boy who does not want to be dealt with!

I get a call from the high school telling me that Zach has been suspended for 5 days (I will spare you the details because it would take way too long and my fingers would cramp)! Needless to say, I am NOT AMUSED in the least! He thinks he is getting a vacation and I say otherwise! I have already made several calls to our church and elderly neighbors "volunteering" my son to serve them in any way they may need! I am talking the dirtier the better! I want him to do heavy, manual labor while he thinks about what he has done! I want to make him wish he was in school and away from the wrath of MOM! I want him to pray that he were in a boot camp because it would be easier than the punishment that mom is doling out! If anyone knows of a good job I can make him do please let me know! Hey if you live close enough I could even bring him to you for some chores that you may need help with!


Lin said...

I'm sorry that you had a "bad parent" day when your kid lets you down. Tomorrow will be better. Or maybe 5 days down the road. Good luck.

Jo said...

Thanks for the encouragement!

I am Harriet said...

Hang in there.
When he goes away to college an has to wash his own underwear, he'll appreciate you :)


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